Fight day Mitchell vs Katona | Episode 10 | THE ULTIMATE FIGHTER

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A peek at the mindset's of Bryce Mitchell and Brad Katona as they prepare to throw down in the Octagon.

[MUSIC PLAYING] TRAINER: All right, Bryce, let's go.

- Let's go, baby.

- Arkansas.

- Arkansas, baby, 5011.


BRYCE MITCHELL: When I was a kid, one day I was in this basketball tournament. It was a free-throw contest. And I suck at free-throws.


I was mad that I lost. And I didn't even try in the last five shots. And my mom, after the tournament, she took me aside. She didn't just cuss me out. She looked at me like she was disgusted. And, you know, it's because I quit. And she said that-- she said to me-- well, she said a bunch of [BLEEP]. She was yelling a bunch of [BLEEP]. She was mad. But I remember her saying that Mitchell's never quit. And she told me that when I was a kid and pretty much instilled it into me. It don't matter if you lose. It don't matter. You never quit.

TRAINER: Game time, Bryce.

BRYCE MITCHELL: And so she's responsible for any bit of success that I have. She's made me strong.

TRAINER: Come on, baby, let's go.

BRAD KATONA: I truly believe I'm walking out of this house undefeated. I-- this is my dream. And I put everything I have into it.


- Let's go, Brad.


AUDIENCE MEMBER: Let's go fellas.

BRAD KATONA: And everything just feels too natural, too right. So really, I truly believe I have the abilities. And I will be undefeated.