Next time on The Ultimate Fighter | EPISODE 5 | THE ULTIMATE FIGHTER

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Thailand Clark takes on Mike Trizano to try and keep Team Cormier's win streak live. Suman Mokhtarian deals with a knee injury.

[MUSIC PLAYING] NARRATOR: On the next episode of the Ultimate Fighter Undefeated, Sumon struggles with a knee injury.

- Yeah, that kind of hurts.

NARRATOR: And becomes a target for Team Cormier.

- There's something wrong with his knee.

- You [BLEEP]. You walked into the [BLEEP] room when I'm getting treated. Of course you know.

NARRATOR: Then Team Miocic looks to put an end to their losing streak with their number one light weight, Mike Trizano.

- There we go.

- We're about to rob Mike Trizano of his dream of the Ultimate Fighter.

NARRATOR: But will Thailand Clark capitalize on his team's momentum and bring home another victory?