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Thug Rose joins DC and Karyn Bryant to talk about her victory over Joanna Champion.

JON ANIK: Here is Thug Rose Namajunas.

JOE ROGAN: Ooo, Rose pushed her away. Oh!

JON ANIK: Knockdown for Namajunas.

JOE ROGAN: Rose tagged her.

JON ANIK: Oh! Another knockdown! Rose Namajunas trying to close the show! That is it! Thug Rose Namajunas! There is a new strawweight queen!

DANIEL CORMIER: Thug Rose! Thug Rose!

KARYN BRYANT: Oh yeah! Thug Rose. Welcome back to TUF Talk. Joining us via Skype from Colorado is the new, reigning, defending strawweight champion of the world, Rose Namajunas. Man, that feels good calling you champ. I'm wondering, do you still have to pinch yourself when you hear it?

- Yeah, for sure. But it's starting to settle in a little bit more each day. It took me an entire 24 hours, once we got home, to fall asleep. And then when I woke up, I thought I had to go to practice. So then the next day-- you know, it's getting more normal each day.

DANIEL CORMIER: Joanna's considered the best striker in women's MMA, but you knocked her out. How'd you do it?

- Well, my background in Taekwondo definitely is where it started. But all of my experiences-- my 25 years of experience went into that fight. But mainly, in particular, I give a lot of credit to my coaches-- Trevor Wittman of course-- that's obvious-- with just his knowledge of footwork, and movement, and the jab-- everything-- his boxing background. But Pat, obviously-- he's been super involved in my career since the start. And Tony contributed to a lot of game planning and stuff like that that went into the fight-- that even though it didn't end up on the ground for very long, people might not-- we had a different approach to everything-- fighting her.

KARYN BRYANT: So Joanna has been an incredible champion. She's technically so sound. But half the time, she beats people with the mental game before you even get in there. So how did you not fall prey to that?

- Lots of work on my part. People kind of overlook the mental aspect of things. You know, It's not just punching and kicking. And the mental side of things is something that you can work on as well and do reps, just like lifting weights.

DANIEL CORMIER: Rose, I think one of the greatest things-- can you see me, Rose? Can you see me? One of the greatest parts of your fights is the way-- you don't smile. You just look with the eyes. I want to do a staring contest with you. I want to master the Rose face. Is there any--

- No, man, it's over. It's over. Torturing more training.

KARYN BRYANT: She's too happy now, DC.

- Rose-- Rose-- please.

KARYN BRYANT: Hey listen, Rose, I want to ask you a question. Obviously, your season of the Ultimate Fighter--

- Rose, I'm-- you're scaring me, so I'm like saying something.

KARYN BRYANT: Your season of the Ultimate Fighter also opened up a new weight class and crowned a champion. Do you think that's the right way to do it? To get a champ off of the Ultimate Fighter show?

- Yeah, for a new division. I mean-- I don't know. It's hard to say. I think-- yeah. I think it's pretty cool. I don't know.

KARYN BRYANT: It might have been cooler if you had won. You're


DANIEL CORMIER: Now, she's speaking from a place of a champion. She's like, I don't know if I've got time for all that. But Rose, let me ask you a question. What's the biggest change in you from TUF 20 to now?

- Just the reason behind why I fight-- it's not just about-- there's more to life than material things and money.

KARYN BRYANT: Well, Rose, you are such a positive person. But with Michael gone, our resident troll trying to make his way to the couch-- we denied him. DC put him back in the troll booth. What have you got for us, RJ?

- Yes, it's very true. DC, you've taken Bisping's parking spot. You've taken his dressing room. You've all but moved in. Anyway Rose, congratulations on a fantastic performance. But knocking out Joanna was only the second most impressive thing you did that night. This is from Justin Gaethje's Instagram-- a coach this season and your teammate.


- Oh my God. I'm [BLEEP] crying right now. [SCREAM] Believe in your [BLEEP] self! Oh, Rose is my [BLEEP] hero and idol. Oh my God! [BLEEP] yeah!


- Now Rose, you made one of the toughest men on the planet bawl like a baby. Is this normal for Justin?

- You know, Justin's a very-- I don't know if I've ever seen him cry, but he's a very genuine person and somebody that I really gravitate toward. I had him in my corner for when I fought Karolina, because he's just such a great energy to be around. And obviously, he's a great fighter as well.

KARYN BRYANT: Awesome. Well, listen Rose--

DANIEL CORMIER: She's inspired people.

- Absolutely. And we know that Joanna has done so much for the division. I'm really excited to see what happens under your reign. Thanks so much for joining us, Rose.

- Yeah, thanks for having me.