Justin Gaethje explains his TUF drafting strategy, breaks down the first fight.

Gaethje tells the TUF crew what he was looking for in the fighters he drafted.

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- But this season does feature another tournament seeding, which we saw before with the male flyweights. Now the seeds are already decided when you guys take your pic. So let's take a look at the bracket. So far, Roxanne picks up the winner tonight, as 16 fighters are now down to 15. It does, of course, take three consecutive wins to make it to December 1st finale.

So Justin, your second pick was the number 10 seed. And like we said, you didn't know where they were seeded. So what was it about her that made you pick her next?

- That's Rachel?

- Yeah.

- Yeah. So we did a-- we got to split up the two eighth women groups, and we got to evaluate each of them. And the main thing I focused on-- me in my coach Trevor Whitman-- was a little interview. You know, seeing where they were mentally, and you know, how happy they were to be here, how willing they were to be coached.

ANNOUNCER 1: But is there-- do you have like, trigger words, certain things you wanted to hear?

- Yeah, I want to hear I need to grow. I want to grow. Not I'm the best in the world. Not-- I want to see-- I want you to exude confidence, bot overconfidence, not false confidence. I want you to be there to work.

- All these talks of rankings and seeds, and this and that, it's very, very complicated. But let's break it down and keep it simple. Who has the better team now that they're all picked?

- Me. I got eight girls that are ready to work. It's crazy. When I picked my team, my main goal wasn't to win this thing. I wanted eight girls that wanted to-- that wanted to get better.

- You had no intention of winning this thing?

- I promised--

- I just want be here!

- I want to give the athletes my assets. That's Trevor Whitman. And he's going to be able to-- I want the best eight that are here to work.

ANNOUNCER 2: You want it to bring out the best her?

- And to that point, I mean, Roxanne's are a perfect example of that, really. She talked herself about how much better she is since the first time she was on the show. So what did you think of her performance in the fight? Was that how you expected it to go?

- It was exactly how I expected it to go. She does a-- you know, she has a really awkward style, but the timing is-- is her-- is great. And she closes the distance very well whenever she's on her feet. As soon as she gets on top, her hip pressure is second to none. And we saw that this fight. She dominated when she got--

ANNOUNCER 2: Yeah, of course, on the ground she's probably the best on the whole show. Did you have any concerns though, with the striking of Seana? Because she certainly had an advantage there.

- As long as Roxanne didn't give her space, she was fine. She hit one right hand, but other than that I thought she did fine in the stand up. Roxanne, her-- it looks-- it looks weird and awkward on TV, but when she's in front of you, it's hard to time-- it's hard to time her throwing punches in. So it works for her. And I'm glad she has the confidence now.

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