Justin Gaethje breaks down Conor McGregor’s fight with Floyd Mayweather with the TUF Talk crew

The UFC lightweight plays a Game of Ice and Fire with Michael Bisping.

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- Lightweight champion and Season 22 Coach Conor McGregor broke the barrier between the octagon and the boxing ring when he faced Floyd Mayweather this past weekend in Vegas. Now, of course, he did lose via 10th round TKO, but he did perform much better than some pundits expected.

So, Justin, I want to start with you. Obviously, you are in his division in the UFC. What did you make of his performance?

- Did great. I'll be honest, he did better than I thought he would. You know, but I'm happy for the guy. He got paid a lot of money to do something he's never done before. So props to him.

- Yeah, absolutely. He went out there and he made a ton of money, as you said. But do you think he represented the UFC well? What do you think, Nicco? I mean, I know what I think. But what do you think?

- I think he did, you know. His first boxing match, he went in and he lasted a really long time. So, yeah, he did MMA proud.


KARYN BRYANT: But, Justin, you say he did better than you expected. So why didn't you think he would do well against Floyd?

- I didn't not think he would do well. I thought if he had a chance it was going to be in the first three rounds to knock him out-- which means he has to go out there and try really hard in the first three rounds.

But if he didn't, he would then be screwed later in the fight because, as MMA fighters, we don't even practice to breathe and hold our breath and, you know, for 36 minutes. So I figured after round 6 he would be hurting. And so he did a good job making it to 10.

- Let me ask you this-- you're on the Ultimate Fighter, you're a contestant. Conor was a coach on the Ultimate Fighter. The great Michael Bisping was-- I was on the Ultimate Fighter. It seems like a long time ago, but it's true.

But do you see Conor out there earning hundreds of millions-- and being in your position now-- does that inspire you?

- It does, actually. Seeing the opportunities that he gets now from being on TUF, for being exposed. It's very inspiring, it's very motivating to keep on this path.

- Absolutely.

- Yeah.

KARYN BRYANT: Yeah. He does prove that dreams can come true. But, folks, now we do have a game to play. Because, as expected, the pundits have plenty to say in the aftermath of Mayweather versus McGregor.

So to sort it out-- to sort the hot takes from the cold takes-- we want to play a game right out of "Game of Thrones." It's called-- well, and thankfully we have Justin and Nicco here-- it's called A Game of Ice and Fire. Now, apparently, this is right out of the thing. And, Michael, you make a-- I guess you're the Night King. I don't watch the show. I apologize. But that's a big deal? You are a big deal?

- That is a very handsome knight thing, if ever there was one.

- All right. So this game literally right out of the book. Our FS1 experts gave you an opinion. And you tell us, guys, if what they said was ice or fire. So ice, obviously, meaning you don't agree with them and fire you do.

So this one came up first. It's Skip Bayless on "Undisputed."

SKIP BAYLESS: Early in the ninth round, Conor McGregor was robbed of a chance to win that fight by a Floyd-protecting, Floyd-loving referee named Robert Byrd.

KARYN BRYANT: OK. So he's saying Conor was robbed of a victory in the ninth round. Is that ice or fire?

- Boom.

- Fire? Really? You're saying ice?

- Yeah.

- OK.

- What are you saying?

- Ice.

KARYN BRYANT: Michael, you didn't tell-- Michael, what did you say? Do you--

- Yeah, I know. I'm going to get their reaction first, Karyn. Don't worry, I know what I'm doing. It's ice. This guy doesn't know what he's talking about.

- He has no clue.

- He's not saved by the referee. I'm sorry.

- So you all disagree with Skip?

- Yeah.

- OK. OK. There we go.

- So we got the rules down.

- That was kind of embarrassing for Skip.

- It's a complicated game.

- The next one is from Colin Cowherd on "The Herd," giving credit to the best boxer of this era.

- Can you stop, UFC fans, saying Conor controlled the first three to four rounds. It's called strategy.

Floyd had a game plan and executed it perfectly.

- All right. Colin saying Floyd had a game plan. Ice or fire? Again, fire meaning you agree with his take. Ice, you disagree.

- Hmm. Did you agree with him?

- What? Yes.

Do you agree? That means you do fire.

- Yes, I got it this time.

- Do you agree?


- He did the-- I don't agree.

- You don't agree?

- No, I do agree. I do it this way.

- See, it was a hard one.

- I agree.

- All day.

- It was a hard one.

- It's strategy. It's strategy.

- If he doesn't engage him in the first three rounds, he doesn't take a hard punch, Conor's tired.

- He said at the end of the fight that was his entire game plan--

- Of course it was.

--which was genius.

KARYN BRYANT: Take him deep. All right. The next one comes from "Speak for Yourself," where Mike Tyson's former manager, John Horne, has some strong support for Conor.

- The man represented himself well. He represented UFC very well. He was in there with the best fighter in the world. He fought him better than Pacquiao did.

- Whitlock rolling his eyes. But ice or fire on that, guys? Did he represent the UFC well?

- Dragonfire.

- Yeah.

- All right. Nice. And did--

- He did. He did a great job.

- Yeah.

- Put most top-level MMA fighters in there and they're going to go a lot--

- Huh, huh, huh--

- They're gonna-- I'm not saying they're going to win. I'm saying they're going to be more exciting--

KARYN BRYANT: Well, did you think--

- --than a pure boxer.

- And how would you compare that, if you saw the Pacquiao fight with Floyd? Do you think Conor--

- It was way different style.

- If I'm not mistaken, Pacquiao went the distance.

- Yes, he did.

- Just to say, Conor landed more punches-- way different style of fight.

- And different game plan--

- Our only chance is to knock him out in the first four rounds.

- As Cowherd said, strategy.

KARYN BRYANT: All right. Well, thanks for playing, guys. That was our first time.

- We did great.

- Yeah, you guys did great. Nicco--

- Well done, guys, well done. Round of applause.

- --thank you so much. And we'll see how the season plays out for you. But thank you so much for joining us here today.

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