Justin Gaethje talks about life since joining the UFC and his upcoming fight with Eddie Alvarez.

Gaethje tells the TUF Talk crew he just wants to fight the best.

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- So of course, you've only had one fight in the UFC. So were you shocked when they came to you and said, Justin, do you want to coach "The Ultimate Fighter?"

- Yeah, I was surprised. It's a roller coaster ride. I got that big win, and now it's all these opportunities just coming my way.

ANNOUNCER 1: Well, that fight really was amazing. We were there in the building. It was literally one where you could not stay seated. What has life been like for you after that fight? Because now, all of a sudden-- not that you weren't somebody people were regarding. But after that fight, that performance, people were like, I can make money fighting this guy. And now did you find that people are calling you out and are more interested in fighting you?

- I've been so busy. I was home for two days, and then I was off to film "The Ultimate Fighter" for six weeks and I've been home for a week now. So yeah, social media-- my social media game has gone out the roof. I haven't been posting as much as I need to. But yeah, guys got my name in their mouth now. And that's a good thing.

ANNOUNCER 1: Well, speaking of being so busy, obviously, the opposing coach Eddie Alvarez, this is a man you're going to be facing later on in the year.

- Yeah.

- How do you see that fight playing out? What do you think of the style matchup?

- I think it's a great match up for the fans especially. But for me, I'm going to take his left leg, his lead leg. And he's going to try to wrestle. And it's going to be a very brutal, brutal fight.

ANNOUNCER 2: Without ruining anything for the viewers, how did you and Eddie get along and what do you think of him now?

- Hey, I've been a fan of Eddie since I was in high school. I've watched him compete. Always been a fan.

Martial arts, all groups, wrestling, kickboxing, boxing, judo, they all come from respect. And I wanted to bring respect back into the mixed martial arts. So that's my intentions.

- OK, great, but how do you match up with him? Who's going to win? And leave the respect [INAUDIBLE].

- I said, no, yeah, no, hey, come fight night, I have no beef. You're my best friend, you want to take everything I worked for my entire life, I have no problem hurting you or taking you from everything-- taking everything from you.

So I have no problem going in there and trying to take him. You'll see his face, it'll change. As soon as he notices I'm in there to take his life, his face will change really fast.

ANNOUNCER 1: Well, is there a prediction for that? I mean, you're saying you want to [INAUDIBLE].

- Yeah, I said I'm going to take this front leg, take his lead leg, and I'm hoping to kick him in the head with my left leg.

ANNOUNCER 2: Just like that. Easy-peasy.

ANNOUNCER 1: Easy-peasy. And it's interesting. Because in the past, obviously, we've seen maybe seasons where Mr. Michael Bisping may have been a coach. Sometimes you see that the coaches don't get along so well. And that does fuel the fire sometimes in the fight.

I mean, again, like you said, you don't want to give anything away. But is Eddie the type that gets under your skin at this point?

- I don't need any fuel for this fire at all.

- No. No. Really.

- On fight night, lights are on. I shine. I perform. I'm an entertainer. He's an entertainer. So we could be, like I said, best friends, brothers. It's something in me. I love fighting. And I only will respect him if he comes in there and tries to kill me too. So that's what I'm bringing.

- Well, yeah, you have a love of fighting.

- We kind of expect that. He's going to try and knock you out as well.

- He better. He better. I wouldn't have no respect if he didn't come in and try to hurt me. So that's what I'm expecting. That's what I want. And I can't wait for it to happen.

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