TUF Talk Ryan Hall: ‘These guys aren’t your friends’

Team Faber fighter Ryan Hall got the competition started for the Americans in a big way on the latest episode of "The Ultimate Fighter" as he tapped out Frantz Slioa with a first-round heel hook to get his second submission win on the show.

Hall is one of the most decorated Brazilian jiu-jitsu athletes to ever compete on the show. Through his first two fights, he’s been showing off his grappling chops.

Considering he actually runs and owns his own gym while also training out of the Tri-Star gym in Montreal, Hall is no stranger to top-level coaching so he enjoyed working with the guys brought in by Urijah Faber.

At the same time, Hall can’t deny that what European coach Conor McGregor did by laying out the law of the land as soon as the competition started by telling them that it was their responsibility to stay ready and be ready at all times was refreshing to hear.

"I really appreciated Conor’s approach," Hall said on the latest edition of the TUF Talk podcast. "Both from what I got to see while I was on the show, as well as what I’ve gleaned from seeing the first and second episode."

One of McGregor’s strongest points was making sure his entire team understand that this wasn’t about a group effort, but rather an individual based performance where each man under his guidance could ultimately fight the person sitting right next to him to get to the finals.

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McGregor stressed that the fighters’ real teams are back at home and not the rag-tag group of athletes sharing a room with them 10 minutes after they met for the first time. Hall enjoyed that part of the speech as well because it was a similar demeanor he carried into the house while understanding that no one there was going to look out for his well-being more than the guy staring back at him in the mirror.

"Everyone is still in a house full of people where you’re friendly but these guys aren’t your friends," Hall said. "At the end of the show, don’t get me wrong, everyone’s a heck of a lot closer than they are at the beginning. The reality is everyone’s there to win."

To hear what Hall had to say about his fight with Slioa as well as working with Faber’s coaches and his experience on the show listen to the latest episode of TUF Talk via Soundcloud.