McGregor claims he wasn’t able to throw a kick ahead of UFC 189

One of the reasons he holds Jose Aldo in contempt for pulling out of their UFC 189 fight, Conor McGregor says, is because he was dealing with injuries as well but refused to back out of the event.

Aldo dropped out due to a rib injury he said he suffered a little more than two weeks before the fight in July, which left UFC 189 without a main event.

Former No. 1 contender Chad Mendes stepped in on two weeks’ notice to face McGregor, and the Irish featherweight never blinked at the change of opponent despite the hardships he says he was facing in his own training camp.

While McGregor wouldn’t disclose the exact injury he says he suffered ahead of UFC 189, he says he wasn’t able to wrestle much and didn’t throw a single kick to get ready for Aldo, much less for Mendes.

"I didn’t kick until two weeks before the fight," McGregor told FOX Sports. "I didn’t kick, I didn’t do live rounds at all. Not one live round did I do. It was all control, it was all flow, it was all drill.

"So I came in there with many issues that I overcame. I overcame adversity."

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McGregor promises any naysayers that the full extent of his injuries will be revealed in a documentary he’s planning to release.

McGregor says a camera crew was following him during the entire training camp and the injuries he suffered became part of the film because he was forced to change the way he prepared for Aldo and then Mendes.

Over the course of the training camp, McGregor says, he just kept telling himself one thing that kept him pushing forward no matter how badly his body was banged up.

"Time waits for no man," McGregor said.

The Irish featherweight champion expects the documentary detailing his preparation and the UFC 189 fight will be released in the near future, although he is predicting a theatrical release this time around instead of a series of videos being shown on television.

"I don’t need to go into details or specifics because you will see it," McGregor said. "It will be packaged and it will be a film that will also break records."