TUF Talk: Tecia Torres says Anthony Pettis was a better fit as her coach

Tecia Torres bounced back and got a big win this week on TUF 

Brandon Magnus/Zuffa LLC/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images

Life’s all about second chances and Tecia Torres found that out this week on The Ultimate Fighter as she was brought back into the competition and faced former teammate Bec Rawlings in the final elimination round matchup.

Torres dealt with a lot of nastiness after leaving her former team, both from her previous teammates and even more from some of the women she joined on Team Pettis.  But when it was all settled, Torres was not only happy about being back in the competition, but she learned a lot from UFC lightweight champion Anthony Pettis.

While she doesn’t regret being picked first by Gilbert Melendez, she believes Pettis would have been a better fit for her from the start.

"I’m happy with the time I spent with Team Melendez, but I do think it would have been different for the first fight. Just because Pettis’ team is more what I’m accustomed to at home.  He’s a striker, I’m a striker, so from my first fight to my second fight, I definitely felt more comfortable in there with my striking.

"Obviously, I don’t feel like it was my best performance because it was a close fight, but I do think his team was more focused on what I wanted to do striking wise."

On the latest edition of TUF Talk, Torres addresses the coaching situation, dealing with her roommates trying to kick her out during fight week and much more. 

Hear what Tecia Torres has to say on the latest TUF Talk below via Soundcloud: