TUF Talk Jessica Penne: ‘It’s like a very strange messed up science experiment’

Jessica Penne pushed through the second round of The Ultimate Fighter tournament on Wednesday night’s episode with a victory over Irish fighter Aisling Daly and now awaits her semifinal opponent in the next couple of weeks.

During the show it was clear Penne was only there for one thing and that was winning the UFC women’s strawweight title.  She politely bowed out of all the house drama and infighting that took place between teammates and roommates.

Still, she’s seen the fallout from fans and everybody viewing the show when watching some of the women snipe at each other in vicious verbal exchanges like what happened last week with Randa Markos and Carla Esparza.  Penne isn’t excusing what anybody did, but she also points out that being sequestered in a house with 15 other fighters, most of whom she didn’t know going into the season, is like mixing chemicals until getting a reaction.

"That house starts to mess with you.  It’s like a very strange messed up science experiment," Penne told TUF Talk this week.  "It really is. They give you every opportunity for drama.  You just get really wrapped up what’s right in front of you and it ends up being very dramatic.

"I don’t feel like people acted like they would in normal, everyday life."

Penne mostly kept to herself and looked towards what she was there for in the first place and so far she’s dong very well. With her win over Daly, Penne now awaits the next round of the tournament and with one more victory she will move into the first ever UFC women’s strawweight title fight.

Hear from Penne on the latest episode of TUF Talk via Soundcloud below