TUF 19’s Mike King says Team Edgar was ‘ridiculous’ for how they treated Pat Walsh

TUF 19's Mike King blogs for FOX Sports and gives the lowdown on the latest episode 

This episode is one full of drama.

From the beginning of the season, Patrick and I were friends from the start. When he asked me if it was okay to come train with us I obviously thought it was an awesome idea because he was a great wrestler. His team on the other hand didn’t agree.

In my opinion, MMA is an individual sport and if one of our team members wanted to train with Team Edgar because hypothetically two of our team members were fighting each other that would seem perfectly fine to me. When Corey confronted Patrick about training with Team Penn his point of view didn’t make sense to me at all. Corey’s argument was that Patrick was training with the other team to defeat his teammate.

Yeah!!! That’s exactly what I’m doing. I’m trying to beat a teammate. We won’t be team members in the cage so what’s the problem with going and training with someone else? Patrick had the right mentality. He was here to learn as much as possible from as many people as possible which I believe is what we were all there to do.

Then when his coaches approached them they way they did was ridiculous. He was about to fight in two days and his entire team and coaching staff cornered him in the locker room. It wasn’t great that Patrick let his team get in his head the way they did but sure did it make great TV. 

Fight recap:

Round one was a burner. Both men came out ready and focused on making it to the finals. Corey came out and established the jab quickly. It’s obvious that Corey’s stand up was way cleaner than Patrick’s. Patrick is starting to feel comfortable in the pocket and tries for a takedown. Corey defends it well and starts to get off on Patrick.

You can tell Patrick got caught because his legs got a little noodle like and Corey was able to secure a takedown, but Pat got back to his feet quickly and the two square off again. Both are landing some decent strikes but no one is throwing combinations. Patrick starts to get a bit wild and Corey was able to take Pat down again. Once again, Corey is unable to keep Patrick on his back and deliver any damage. The two square off again and it noticeable that Patrick is starting to fade a bit which allows the well condition Anderson to start to get off on his feet a bit.

Round two starts off the same as round one. Corey starts to establish the jab and pushes the pace. Walsh is moving much slower but still game. If Corey wasn’t as trigger shy I think he could have possibly finished the fight. He had a few chances to take over when he was pushing the pace but would let Patrick off the hook. Corey handily controlled the round once again and had Patrick on the ropes a fee different times. 

Round three plays out the same as the first two rounds. Corey is simply out pointing Patrick and Patrick is okay with standing and trading instead of trying to make the fight a brawl. This is Corey’s type of fight and pace and unfortunately Patrick played right into Corey’s hand.

Better luck next time Patrick.