Tim Gorman: Bryan Caraway hiding behind his girlfriend Miesha Tate

Tim Gorman gunning for Bryan Caraway after his fight on Wednesday

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If you watched The Ultimate Fighter season 18 and remember the crazy kid who wanted to continue on in the competition despite having a torn hamstring his name was Tim Gorman and he’s back in the UFC starting on Wednesday night where he will fight for the first time since leaving the reality show last year.

Gorman won his entry fight into the house, but it was then discovered that he had the injury and despite the fact that it was actually a pre-existing condition going into the show, UFC president Dana White was so impressed with his spirit that he offered to pay for the surgery so he could get healthy again while also guaranteeing him a spot in the UFC upon his return.

Despite only having use of one leg, Gorman was ready to fight on if not for the doctors insisting he be pulled off the show, and White called him ‘insane’ for asking to continue.  But if there’s one thing Dana White loves, it’s heart, and Gorman has a ton of it.

"It was way bad ass hearing everybody say positive things. I got a real kick out of it," Gorman told FOX Sports after hearing White’s comments.  "I think all of my friends got a good laugh out of it too."

Following his exodus from the show, Gorman is honest enough to say he never tuned into another episode.  Not because he didn’t like the product, but because it was too hard to watch the other fighters continue on while he sat at home nursing a bum leg.

I think he’s hiding behind his girlfriend Miesha Tate to be honest with you. I guess that just goes to show who’s wearing the pants in the relationship

— Tim Gorman on Bryan Caraway 

While he holds no grudges with anyone who was about to share the Ultimate Fighter house with him, deep down inside Gorman would love the chance to one day face them in the Octagon just to see if he could have won the show.  Chris Holdsworth was the eventual champion and Davey Grant the runner-up, but Gorman knows deep down he could beat both of them if faced with the challenge.

The last thing he’ll do, however, is call them out like he’s got something to prove.  Gorman actually considers both fighters friends after sharing space even for a few days on The Ultimate Fighter and he would never try to take their accomplishments away from them.

"I didn’t watch the rest of the show. Yeah, as a competitor just hearing about everybody did, as a competitor I say I would have beaten everybody on the show and I would have won the show," Gorman said. "I like everybody on the show, I thought everybody was cool as hell in the short time I was there.  I feel like I made friends with everybody and I’ll consider them lifelong friends because we went through that together. 

"As an athlete, I’d say I would beat every one of them."

While Gorman is focused on Mitch Gagnon, who he faces at the TUF Nations Finale on Wednesday night, there is one person remaining from the reality show that he would like see inside the Octagon after this fight is finished.

After leaving TUF 18, Gorman called out former assistant coach Bryan Caraway and challenged the bantamweight to a fight with a chance to score a date with his girlfriend and head coach Miesha Tate as the prize.

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Gorman talked openly about wanting to fight Caraway and even took a few digs at the bantamweight fighter just hoping to goad him into a response to see what he’d have to say.  To this day, however, Caraway has chosen not to respond and that told Gorman everything he wanted to know.

"He never said anything about it.  I think he’s hiding behind his girlfriend Miesha Tate to be honest with you," Gorman said.

If everything goes well on Wednesday night in Quebec, Gorman plans to once again call for Caraway to answer his challenge and see if he can land a fight with him in the Octagon.

"As a man, that’s like the No. 1 rule, you’ve got to stick up for your girl.  That’s your role.  So I was a little surprised he didn’t say anything, but I guess that just goes to show who’s wearing the pants in the relationship," Gorman said.  "I guess it’s her calls what happens on that.  Hopefully I can get a fight with him after this next one and see if I can get that date with Miesha."