The Ultimate Writer: Julian Erosa breaks down Episode 4

So far us Americans have been undefeated at 2-0 going into the third fight. As we have gotten to talk with our coaches, they asked us who we would like to get matched up with if we had the opportunity to choose our opponent. It was important to all of us to fight sooner rather than later since we still had the pick for the match up’s. As long as we have the pick, we know who’s gotta be ready and who needs to make sure their weight is on point. Tom being one of the bigger fighters on the team wanted to get in as soon as possible. He wanted to be matched up with Marcin, and so that was our pick. We all thought it was a great match up for us to keep control of the pick. 

In the first round Marcin seemed to be the quicker of the two with his hands, but Tom got an early take down to Marcin’s back. Tom was on Marcin’s back for at least half the round, but Marcin was able to stay patient and not panic.

They got into a little scramble in which Tom landed in mount and kept it for about 1 minute. Tom took the harder punches in that first round, but was in dominant positions for at least 4 outta 5 minutes. 

In the second round I think Tom had gassed out and was having trouble with Marcin’s quick hands and quick movement. Tom had a couple good positions in this round but was unable to keep them. Marcin took advantage of Tom being gassed out and put it on him in this round. 

Surprisingly, the fight was over after 2 rounds and they gave it to Marcin. I don’t know who could watch that first round and not give it to Tom. Everyone thought it should have gone to a third round, but you can’t leave it to the judges so props to Marcin for getting the win over a very experienced veteran like Tom. 

The next match up the Europeans chose was Saul Rogers vs Billy Q. Let’s see if we can get that coin back!