Rowdy Recaps: Bec Rawlings looks back on Episode 3 of ‘The Ultimate Fighter’

Bec Rawlings is back with the Rowdy Recap for Episode 3 of The Ultimate Fighter.

Disclaimer: The writer of this blog is NOT an author, wordsmith, man/woman of letters, penman, creative writer; informal scribbler or a spelling bee champion for that mater. In fact, she is just an Aussie girl from a little Island state named Tasmania that never completed high school, doesn’t know her times tables and regularly forgets the order of months in the year. Not to mention she also gets punched in the face for a living… so please don’t expect a Harry Potter novel.

I’m gonna be honest and say it was hard watching this episode…after Emily’s fight we were all hanging out in the change rooms when Dana White came in asking to speak with me. The first thing that came to my mind was ‘f*** what have i done’? It felt like I was being called to the principles office. Dana sat me down and told me that my mum had called and that my step-dad Alan had passed away. My stepdad Alan, or Poppy as we called him, was diagnosed with Parkinsons disease in 2007. It didn’t take long for the disease to slowly suck the life out of him. First, he lost his mobility, then his ability to talk and eventually he was not able to eat or function without a full time caretaker (my mum).

He wasn’t doing so well when I was leaving for the show so I made my mum promise she would call if anything happened. I was a mess after talking with my mum and hearing her cry, I just wanted to be with her and I couldn’t. Finally, I went back to the locker room crying and they knew straight away, I sat there with my head in my lap for a bit trying to hide my tears when I heard sniffing, nearly everyone on my team was crying, they were heart broken for me. I had only known some of my team for 2 weeks at this point but they felt like family to me. Later that night Jake, Gil, Josh & Num called in to see if I was okay and surprised me with a bunch of flowers. They were so sweet. I really am grateful I landed on the best possible team, Team Melendez.

Now that we’ve got that outta the way, lets talk about this fighting stuff! With Joanne taking the win over Emily Kagan, Team P***s are left with control once again. It was no secret to us who they were going to pick first, in fact, Lisa should have just walked around with a sign on her head saying "pick me, I’m injured, hating life in the house and I want to go home" because she wasn’t doing a very good job of keeping her game face on.

Back at the house we got very bored very quickly so we decided to play a game. Heather suggested some game where you write down a bunch of questions and one person chooses a question to ask then everyone writes down their answer anonymously and we have to guess who answered what. I’m pretty sure our team was full of the most vulgar and perverted girls in the house (especially me, Angela Squared & Rose) so the questions got a little outta control very quickly which is probably why they didn’t show them on this episode! BUT I have to share with you the best, most vulgar and somewhat disturbing question and answer of the night which literally had us rolling around in tears. The question was, "how many times do you masturbate in a day?" and the winning answer by miss Angela Hill was "until my finger gets wrinkly". Yup she went there, she did it, she crossed that line well and truly. There was no way of topping that answer!

Okay, back to the serious stuff again. We were all worried about Lisa and her fight with Jessica Penne. We weren’t sure if she was going to be able to pull it together, she had injured her knee on the first day of training and it was in pretty bad shape…to top it off she was missing her daughter and really struggling to hold herself together. Gil and the coaches tried their hardest to get Lisa as mentally and physically ready as they possibly could. Going over a game plan and putting it into action was Gils forte. He’s really good at breaking it all down and working on the little things that you sometimes would overlook, which I thought boosted Lisa’s confidence to the level where she was looking like she was ready to fight.

So it’s D day. The rematch between Lisa Ellis & Jessica Penne! I was really freakn’ nervous for this fight, I really wanted control back for Team Melendez and f*** we needed a win. The fight started off with some feints, Jess trying to find her range with the jab and landing a nice right hand. Lisa shot in for a double leg and nearly finished it but Jess defended it well and turned Lisa to the cage where they fought for position. The ref eventually told them to get active so Lisa tried for a hip toss and gave up position landing on her back with Jess in her half guard. Lisa swept Jess but then Jess countered with a sneaky sweep herself and landed in moun. Lisa then gave up her back as Jess peppered away with some G&P until Lisa gave up the choke…she wanted out and she got it.

After the fight I saw Gil legitimately pissed for the first time, he told us that we need to have that ‘kill or be killed’ mentality going into fights and no matter what’s going on at home, injuries or whatever, don’t let it get into your head…. and turn up to f****** fight. In other words, don’t be a chump. After that talk I was f****** pissed…you can see by my face walking out to the next fight pick.

Next up to fight is #1 ranked fighter Carla Esparza vs. #16 ranked fighter Angela Hill. Hill finally gets to punch someone in the face and she is pumped!

Stay tuned for next weeks Rowdy Recaps!