Muay Thai legend Melchor Menor breaks a baseball bat with his shin

Over the years, we’ve seen Bo Jackson break baseball bats over his knee, and watched as Mariano Rivera created enough twigs with his trademark cutter that team after team presented him with a broken bat rocking remnants during his farewell tour through the Majors this season.

But we’ve never seen anything like this.

In this behind the scenes clip from The Ultimate Fighter: Team Rousey vs. Team Tate, Muay Thai hall of famer and Team Tate guest coach Melchor Menor replaces Rivera’s patented pitch with his right shin in a battle against as baseball bat.

Aiming to show the transfixed competitors and coaches watching that you can condition your mind to not feel pain, "Coach Mel" goes "shin vs. stock" in this incredible demonstration that you have to see to believe.