Mike King: Things were ‘much worse’ than what you saw on TV

TUF 19's Mike King says the fallout from last week's episode was much worse inside the house

Coming off the most controversial decision in TUF history the teams are obviously on edge. This single decision has made the teams bitter rivals. The rest of the fights and time in the house are going to be intense. Obviously each team sees the fight in favor of their teammate. Up until this point the house had been fairly easy to live in but that was all flipped upside down with this one fight.

The match up this week is going to be a good one. Anton Berzin vs. Pat Walsh. Anton is a black belt in jiu-jitsu and an accomplished Muay Thai practitioner. Pat on the other hand was a Division 1 wrestler with the heart and chin of a warrior. This type of match up proves to be an exciting one for the fans.

Pat Walsh is a gritty south Boston fighter that grew up working the docks and learning from a young age that the work you put into something is exactly the type of results you will get out of the situation. You can tell by just spending time with Pat that he is a confident SOB with no quit in his heart.

Anton Berzin is a very accomplished martial artist from Philly who is extremely confident. Some may call it cockiness but this guy truly believes everything he is saying. Although he is confident he actually hasn’t been tested yet inside the cage. He is an undefeated fighter that has never been to a decision in both his amateur and professional career. Fighting someone like Pat is going to be a test of his will and determination because Pat Walsh will not quit.

People talk about reality TV being produced and making guys look a certain way but in this season they did a great job showing exactly who each person truly is at the end of the day.

The altercation that happened in the house was instigated by none other than The Gutter (Matt Van Buren). Something he is great at doing. Van Buren loves getting the house in an uproar and he did exactly that while we were watching the UFC Fight Night. Instead of everyone just enjoying the evening, everyone decided to decompress a little by blowing off some steam on one another. Honestly the incident was much worse and lasted a lot longer than the three or four minutes that the was shown on television. 

Fight recap:

The fight starts off in a way no one would think by Anton taking down the D1 wrestler. Anton takes Pat’s back right from the beginning and tries two submissions to no avail. Pat is able to fight back to his feet but Anton takes him back to the mat and secures back mount once again. Anton is obviously the more technical of the two fighters but technique doesn’t always prevail. After Pat battles to his feet a second time Anton gets to showcase some of his striking skills. Pat however is able to close the distance and land in freestyle wrestling what we would call a five point throw which means Anton’s feet went over his head. That was the only damage Pat was able to land in round one and the rest of the round it looked like Anton was putting on a clinic both on the ground and on their feet.

Between rounds is in my opinion where this fight was won. Pat never once looked tired, worried, or like he was mentally breaking. On the other side, Anton was worried about if he had won the round and when he saw Pat hop to his feet it may have been a mental edge for Pat as Anton had never been to a second round. 

In the second round Pat came out hard and put relentless pressure on Anton which didn’t work at the beginning of the round but started it pay dividends at the mid-round mark. You could see Anton was starting to fade and Pat continued to pressure Anton on the ground and standing. Anton was able to show a glimpse of hope by transitioning from an armbar attempt, to a triangle attempt, and back to an armbar but Pat defended the submissions well and took the fight to a third round. Pat clearly won this round by overwhelming Anton and breaking his opponent.

Pat wouldn’t even sit down between the second and third round but Anton looked tired. This is why wrestlers have an advantage in this sport because from day one wrestling is a GRIND.

Round three was more of the second half of round two.  Pat pressured Anton constantly. Even though his stand up had little to no technique Anton was to tired to use his feet and set up any type of offense. Pat secured a takedown early and pummeled Anton in his half guard for about the last three minutes of the round securing a semi finalist spot and the victory for his team. 

The next match up is the last quarterfinal fight between myself and Eddie Gordon. As you see at the end of this episode there will be no love lost in our match up.

This promises to be one to remember.