Michael Bisping shows Ranger Up and Tim Kennedy how trash talk is really done

Welcome to the big leagues of trash talking fake Bisping! 

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Michael Bisping enjoys a having a good laugh like anybody else so long as the material he’s watching is actually funny.  He’s not even opposed to laughing at himself given the right kind of comedy.

But the continued jabs that Bisping has received from MMA clothing company Ranger-Up in a series of videos that first sparked a heated rivalry with Jorge Rivera in 2011 has continued leading into his latest fight against Tim Kennedy scheduled for April 16 in Quebec City, Quebec.

The videos primarily take aim at Bisping’s British accent while poking fun at various aspects of his career, fighting style, and just general jokes trying to tear away at the former Ultimate Fighter winner.  The most recent video was a ‘behind the scenes’ look at Bisping’s training camp where Matt Phinney — best known as the boxer from the short lived reality show ‘The Fighters’ — takes up his most valiant attempt to poke away at the British middleweight.

Bisping is convinced the only reason the videos keep coming are because the company is so awful at selling t-shirts that they have to try and gain attention by making fun of him because he’s more popular and well known than any fighter on their roster.

"If you look at their Instagram account, they have a picture everyday with my face.  A stupid pose or something, meant to be funny and they have the hash tag #MeatBiscuit, which I just don’t understand at all. I don’t want to talk about them too much because I’m giving them what they want," Bisping told FOX Sports on Thursday.

The string of videos going back over three years now made Bisping believe that this is really just an attempt to try and revive what he has to assume is a terrible company that couldn’t sell water to a man stranded in the desert much less push t-shirts to the MMA crowd at large.

So instead of just making a quality product, Bisping thinks they are just dragging him into the mud to try and gain a little bit of celebrity off his back.

"They do seem to have a hard on for me. There’s the fact that their product is obviously so s–t that they have to latch onto me, a fighter that’s got nothing to do with their company, but they’ve got to latch onto me and take a bit of my star, a bit of my limelight without sounding like an a–hole to try and sell a f–king few of their sh–ty t-shirts and jeans," Bisping said.

"I mean if you are bored enough like I am sometimes, you can go on their website and look at their clothing and holy s–t no wonder they’re trying to use me to sell some of it, because I don’t know who in their right mind would buy any of that s–t.  It’s just f–king awful."

In reality for all the work the company is (or maybe isn’t) putting into making the videos mocking Bisping, all they are really doing according to the top five-ranked middleweight is firing him up ahead of the fight against Tim Kennedy.

You can go on their website and look at their clothing and holy s–t no wonder they’re trying to use me to sell some of it, because I don’t know who in their right mind would buy any of that s–t. It’s just f–king awful

— Michael Bisping on Ranger Up 

The last time this happened, Bisping defeated Rivera by TKO in just under two minutes into the second round of their fight in Australia.  Bisping is happy to send Kennedy packing in similar fashion, and then Ranger-Up can fade back into obscurity for a few more years until they can find another willing sacrificial lamb to lead to the slaughter with some additional videos.

"The video things, they did it last time with Jorge Rivera, which I thanked them for because A) Rivera made a d–k out of himself, and B) it just gave me fuel for the fire. I’m an emotional person and I fight way better when I’m like that and they’re trying to do it again.  This video that they did yesterday, I don’t know if I’m missing the point, but I don’t see what was so funny about it," Bisping said.  "They said ‘oh we’ve got a video coming inside footage of Michael Bisping’s camp where he has disparaging comments about Tim Kennedy’.  There was nothing about Tim Kennedy.  It was just a parody of me, trying to make fun of me, which didn’t upset me in the slightest. 

"To be honest, it’s just a whole waste of time on their behalf. I don’t know what they hope to achieve from.  They’re trying to make fun of me, I get that, but it was just an epic fail.  An epic fail of all proportions.  I didn’t think it was funny, I think it was just a big fat waste of their time. The fact that Ranger Up and Tim Kennedy, I think they’re one and the same, I don’t know that to be true, but I assume they’re one and the same — they’re doing just what Jorge Rivera did.  Good for you, milk it.  Milk it to the fullest potential because it’s over again for another few years until you have some other f–king d–khead that might want to fight me again."

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Between now and the fight on April 16, Bisping invites Kennedy, Ranger Up and whoever else wants to try and make a few extra bucks poking fun of him, but eventually the gravy train will come to a crashing halt. 

This will be the highlight of Kennedy’s career according to Bisping, and then he can go back to the bottom of the middleweight division where he belongs.

"This is Tim Kennedy’s big shot.  He’s fighting me, they’ll be more people watching it so he’s trying to get as much as he can out of it," Bisping said.  "He’ll get a few more Twitter followers and then everybody will forget who Tim Kennedy is."