Conor McGregor warns Urijah Faber: T.J. Dillashaw is ‘a snake in the grass’

Conor McGregor has some friendly advice for Urijah Faber after his fellow “Ultimate Fighter” coach brought in bantamweight champion T.J. Dillashaw to help out with his team during the upcoming season of the show.

Dillashaw joined Faber as well as several other Team Alpha Male fighters to help the former WEC champion coach up his team of eight Americans as they opposed McGregor’s European squad.

While the footage from their episode won’t be seen for a few weeks, McGregor had some harsh words about Dillashaw’s time on the show, but not because he got under the Irishman’s skin.

It’s because McGregor says Dillashaw is in Faber’s business already as a predator pretending to be a friend.

"You shouldn’t be letting him in your s*** because he’s a snake in the grass, and I told you that to your face. You brought him on to TUF thinking he was there to help you — he was there to help him," McGregor told Faber on the set of "UFC Tonight".

"He’s a snake in the f**king grass in your s**t. You need to figure that out and stop being a p**sy."

Dillashaw is a longtime training partner at Team Alpha Male under Faber, who recruited Dillashaw to the gym after seeing him wrestle at Cal State Fullerton.

The two fighters have remained close friends over the years, although not without a few bumps in the road along the way.

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Dillashaw won the bantamweight title by finishing Renan Barao, who holds two career wins over Faber, and Dillashaw’s now champion in a division in which his mentor would like nothing more than to make one more title run before his career is over. Also, a rift inside the gym allegedly happened because Dillashaw has continued to train with wayward coach Duane “Bang” Ludwig, even after Faber cut ties with him a year ago.

Regardless, Faber and Dillashaw have remained close, but McGregor warned “The California Kid” that he needs to watch his back, telling him that Dillashaw is going to take everything he has if he’s not careful.

"That was your moment to kind of build it up and you let him come in," McGregor said. "He took over your s**t. He came in, you brought him from high school, you brought him into your game. He’s not your boy. There’s no boys in this. He’s not your boy. I don’t mind him, but I sense disloyalty. I sense a snake and I’m going to say that when I see it.

"It’s not that I don’t like T.J., he’s harmless as well, little short ass, but I just think (Faber) needs to man up."

Faber insisted that McGregor wanted nothing to do with Dillashaw inside the Octagon either, although that only got a laugh out of the interim featherweight champion.

McGregor says he’ll be interested in fighting Dillashaw on the day when Dillashaw can provide attention and ratings to their potential matchup and until then they guy is a non-factor.

"Go and take him out and build some numbers and entice me ’cause right now I’m giggling at his little-ass numbers. What can he bring? He can bring none. He barely makes six figures a fight and rightfully so ’cause he barely brings six figures a fight," McGregor said.

"He is a twerp. I would smoke him."