Michael Vick’s message to Jason Garrett: ‘You got to have some guts in this league and go for it’

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Michael Vick joins the Herd to discuss the Dallas Cowboys' loss after punting on 4th and 1 in OT. He has a message to the head coach Jason Garrett. Hear what Michael has to say.

- So what would you have said to Jason Garrett if he asked you? What-- in that situation--

- Let's go for it.

- Why?

- I mean, at this moment in time of the season, they desperately need a win. You don't want to be laying in your bed at night saying, I wish we would've went for it on fourth down. You punted. And those are the biggest reasons why teams don't make the playoffs at the end of the year-- not having any guts.

You've got to have some guts in this league. I mean, this is a league where you have to try hard where you don't just hope and wish and pray that things are going to happen, because it will come back and bite you in the end. And this could be a loss that could potentially hurt them down the road.

COLIN COWHERD: So you think that short flight from Houston to Dallas home, there was a lot of--

- Oh, it was a rough one. It was rough one.

COLIN COWHERD: Have you ever-- have you ever lost a game, and you're on a flight home, and you felt like it changed the season?

- Yeah, I mean, multiple times and on too many occasions. But I can never recall a fourth and one where we was on the plus side of the field, and we had an opportunity to at least go for it, and not have to deal with the regret. I'd rather put the team in a position where we say, OK, we tried.

COLIN COWHERD: Because most athletes-- I think most athletes have all dealt with failure. I mean, listen, in baseball, you only bat .250, so you're striking out all the time. I think where you lose professional athletes is they don't think you trust them.

- Yeah.

- That's where you-- that's where I would lose Michael Vick in a locker room.

- The offensive line will look at this as if our coach really don't believe in us. And if he would've went for it on fourth down, and if they didn't get it--

COLIN COWHERD: The players would blame themselves.

- Yeah, the play-- you'd blame yourself. But the last thing you want to do is be sitting around moping on a Monday morning thinking, man, if we would have just went for it on fourth down and put ourselves in the position to at least win the game, it changes the whole dynamic of the team. I think the chemistry-- you know, and the belief in the coaches and the game plan, that's all on Jason Garrett. If I'm a head coach, I'm going for it.