Colin Cowherd defends Odell Beckham Jr. after criticizing Giants teammates

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Colin Cowherd talks Odell Beckham Jr. on today's show. Hear why he's defending OBJ after recent comments on the New York Giants.

- All right. So let me defend Odell Beckham. Oh, people are going crazy on Odell Beckham.

And by the way, Odell Beckham just signed a massive contract. He is the face of the franchise, not the quarterback. He is a superstar in the NFL. And unlike the NBA and baseball, where contracts are guaranteed, in that New York Giants locker room, there are very few people that can say how they feel and not get cut and not get demoted. There is a responsibility in professional football for the handful of players who can say whatever they want and not get demoted to bring up the elephant in the room.

So the New York Giants' Odell Beckham had an interview before the game. And he said, regarding Eli Manning, "I don't know, I feel like he's not going to get out of the pocket. We know Eli's not running. Can he still throw it? Yeah. But it-- you know, it's been pretty safe. You know, it's cool catching shallow stuff. But, you know, I want to go over the top someday."

Is-- is he wrong? Is that inaccurate? Do you call him a terrible teammate? Did he say, I think we should demote him? It's the elephant in the room in New York City right now. The elephant in the room.

Every family's got an elephant in the room. It is the responsibility of the outspoken, successful member of a family to talk about the elephant at the room. Hey grandma, no more driving, you're dangerous. Hire a driver. Somebody else drives for you, grandma.

Uncle Phil, those comments at Thanksgiving are totally inappropriate-- it's no time for politics. Dad, you're drinking too much. Settle down.

Somebody in every family has to express an opinion that's uncomfortable. It's called the elephant in the room. And by the way, the owner of the New York Giants won't do it. They should have drafted a quarterback, they wouldn't. The GM of the Giants could have had Sam Darnold, could have had Josh Allen, could have had Josh Rosen-- he didn't.

So nobody else in the room wants to address the elephant in it, which is, Eli appears to be mostly a shot fighter. So if-- if-- if Odell Beckham won't-- and by the way, he did it respectfully. He just basically said things that are true-- like, you know, he's not going to run. He's dealing with underneath routes. He's not going to get out of the pocket. We know he's not running.

This is outrageous? No, that's just telling Uncle Phil-- Uncle Phil, cool on the Donald Trump comments at Thanksgiving, it's not cool. Dad, you're drinking too much. Grandma, you shouldn't be driving anymore. Somebody's got to say that stuff. Somebody has to say that in every family or the problems fester and nobody talks about them.

I mean, good Lord-- the Giants keep giving Eli-- they spend a fortune on a left tackle. They draft a running back. They sign another wide receiver.

How many gifts can they give Eli Manning? New coach, check. Star running back, check. Left tackle, check.

Draft another offensive lineman, check. Get more receivers, check. They're checking all the boxes and it's still a bad offensive. I mean, they're over-- at this point, they're overcompensating for it.

So I'm going to defend-- remember, football is unique. You can get cut. Tom Brady could be cut tomorrow. It'd be a cap hit, but you could cut him.

You can't cut Aaron Judge. You're not going to cut Bryce Harper. You're not going to cut Steph Curry.

So in a sport where very few players-- I mean, a handful of players-- have real power, have real leverage-- are a face of a franchise-- Odell Beckham talked about something that made everybody ooooooo, eh, eh, eh, a little uncomfortable, and he didn't regret it, after the game.

If those comments were so disruptive-- and I watched every snap of this game, it was one of the craziest games in the NFL this season. It was a weird game. But if they were so disruptive, why did the Giants finally play well?

Some of you are listening to me, some of you were watching. There's stuff happening in your family. If you're the one that's the strongest, the safest, the smartest, you owe your family to bring it up.

Odell Beckham Jr-- somebody had to talk about Eli Manning, the elephant in the room.