Colin Cowherd has a strong message for the Philadelphia Eagles

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Colin Cowherd talks about the Philadelphia Eagles on today's show. Hear what Colin has to say about the Eagles and winning in the NFL.

- But when the Philadelphia Eagles won a Super Bowl, oh, remember what Lane Johnson said? I'd much rather have fun and win a Super Bowl than be miserable and win five like the New England Patriots. Well, you're going to get your wish there, chief, because Philadelphia is a mess right now.

Didn't we predict this? Didn't we tell you that Philadelphia-- the puff-your-chest city-- led by Lane Johnson-- suspended twice, by the way, for PEDs. You know guys like that, the shortcut guy. He was also the guy that was the impetus for the dog masks. Aaawoo! Who let the dogs out! I don't know. They get let out all the time in Foxboro without the masks.

Lane Johnson, it was his guy that created that fumble slash interception yesterday. Lane Johnson did a terrible job on that play, an absolutely terrible job on that play. Virtually unblocked. Creates the ball in the air. It gives the Vikings a touchdown, and game officially over. It should be noted that last week, fun guy, "who let the dogs out" guy also did a terrible job on a blocking play that created a hit and a fumble and created the inertia for the Tennessee Titans to win their biggest game of the year over Philadelphia.

Hey, Lane Johnson, 24 hours in a day. Eight of it's work. Eight of it's sleep. And eight of it's fun and social. But the work part is called work for a reason. We all have-- we all go to a Christmas party. It's called, you know, the Christmas slash holiday partay. Work is not designed to always be a good time.

But Lane Johnson's history is shortcut guy, you know, "happy hour two hours early when there's a lot of work to still get done" guy. Hey, instead of committing to a project or a game plan, "who let the dogs out" mask guy is who he is. I mean, first of all, the idea that you'd rather win one Super Bowl than five if you have to put in more work is such a loser comment in any business. It's called work.

But Philadelphia fell into a trap, and we predicted it. Even in their own division, the Cowboys have five Super Bowls. The New York Giants have four Super Bowls. Washington has three Super Bowls. Philadelphia has one, and they're suddenly lecturing everybody else in football on, hey, this winning thing, here's how it's done. Stop. You're embarrassing yourself.

Marginally, briefly successful guy doesn't get to lecture Nick Saban or Belichick on how to win at football, Lane Johnson. Your guy this week and your guy the previous week is the one that shot through and created leverage and opportunity and inertia for the other team.

The Eagles got a real winner here. They got "shortcut" guy, "create a dog mask" guy, "work should be fun" guy. I mean, Cris Carter nailed it on "First Things First." It is embarrassing when "briefly successful" guy suddenly lectures the NFL's greatest dynasty on what winning is all about.