Colin Cowherd on Brandon Ingram: He is the shooter LeBron needs

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Colin Cowherd talks about the Los Angeles Lakers on today's show. Colin thinks Brandon Ingram is the shooter that LeBron James is looking for. Do you agree with Colin?

- One thing that's becoming very clear, I know it's preseason, but LeBron's looking for Brandon Ingram. Because every time down the floor, LeBron wants to do two things-- have the ball and score himself, or have the ball, pass, and be rewarded with somebody else scoring.

OK, LeBron likes shooters. He liked Kevin Love. He liked Chris Bosh. He and D Wade had to figure their chemistry out. He and Bosh figured stuff out pretty quick because Bosh can shoot. LeBron likes shooters. The best pure shooter on this team could very well be Brandon Ingram. Lonzo needs the ball to flourish. And LeBron is not going to get him the ball. LeBron is going to dominate the ball.

Lonzo is not going to reward LeBron if LeBron passes. So why would LeBron pass to him? It's not that LeBron is going to freeze Lonzo out, but this is why I said LeBron and Ben Simmons was a weird fit. Because Ben Simmons needs the ball, because he can't shoot. Lonzo needs the ball. He's not a shooter. LeBron is ball dominant. And LeBron goes into every possession thinking, either I'm going to the basket and scoring, or I want to get rewarded for it. He's not going to waste possessions. He'll never pass to Lonzo. I'm not sure how much they can be on the floor together. And if they are-- you watch LeBron. He is looking for Brandon Ingram.

And I mean, I really think, LeBron's been in this league 15 years. He's not changing his game for Lonzo. He is not changing his game for him.

I think Lonzo is going to get a lot of minutes in the second unit and is going to elevate the second uni. But man, when you watch LeBron and Brandon Ingram, you can tell right now, that's going to be his guy. That is going to be his guy.

By the way, Rondo is not a big shooter. Lance isn't a pure shooter. JaVale McGee is not a pure shooter. OK, so who's LeBron going to look for? The pure shooter-- Brandon Ingram.

That's not good for Lonzo. It's going to be-- this is going to be a fascinating watch. Luke Walton's got his hands full because the two guards on his team, Rondo and Lonzo, are not shooters. And LeBron's not the easiest guy to coach.

JOY TAYLOR: Yeah, but he loves Rondo.

- No, no.

JOY TAYLOR: He's spoken very highly of Rondo.

- I think LeBron likes high IQ, veteran players, who play defense. That is Rondo.

- He did advocate for J.R. Smith when he was in Cleveland.

- But J.R. Could shoot. LeBron like shooters. He'll even take weirdos-- J.R. Smith is goofy, but he can shoot. It broke his heart when Kyrie Irving left. He can shoot. He defended Kevin Love, Kevin Love can shoot.

- I mean, Rondo and Lonzo were both out last night. I mean, I'm not disagreeing with you that he likes Ingram, I'm just saying, I think once the season starts rolling-- this is just going to happen until really Christmas.

- All right, well.

- We know this is going to happen.