Colin Cowherd vehemently disagrees with Richard Sherman’s comments on NFL’s defense rules

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Colin Cowherd talks NFL rules changes on today's show. Hear what he had to say about the tweaks and Richard Sherman's comments about them.

- That's just a bunch of bull. Now, yes, there have been rule changes. By the way, Aaron Donald just signed a contract for $135 million. Khalil Mack for $141 million. Go look at the highest paid NFL players.

Von Miller's in there, Fletcher Cox, Justin Houston, JJ Watt, all over $100 million. Of the 13 highest paid NFL players, six are defensive players. Why? Because great defensive players have never been more important to combat the offensive-driven rules. OK?

If you're an elite pass rushers today, you get $100 million. If you're an elite interior defensive lineman, who can make Brady, can make Aaron Rodgers uncomfortable in the pocket through the middle, you get $100 million. If you're an athletic linebacker, especially one who's a talker, like a Sean Lee, Luke Kuechly, who gets in the middle of that defense with no huddles now, and the game faster than ever, and can communicate signals and get everybody lined up and be a sure tackler, you get $75 million.

This idea that nobody, oh, defensive players have never been more valuable, they've-- they've never been paid like this before. By the way, it is September. The weather is perfect. There's no wind. It's sunny. It's 72 degrees. You do get that every September. Everybody scores a lot of points.

Let me remind you of the scores last year in the postseason. The AFC championship with Tom Brady, 24-20. Philadelphia beat Atlanta-- by the way, with Matt Ryan-- 15-10. The Jags beat the Bills 10-3. The Rams only scored 13 points and lost to Atlanta. They had 26. Tennessee, Kansas City was 22-21.

You get to January, you get to December, guess what? The scores come down. It's cold. It's windy. Everybody's got tape. Your left tackle is on the injured reserve and you have a back up, and the pass rusher now is intense.

This idea that nobody is allowed to play defense is a bunch of hooey.