Colin Cowherd on Tom Brady: What makes Tom the GOAT is his playoff records

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Colin Cowherd reacts to Tom Brady being the third person to reach 500 touchdowns in his career. Hear what Colin has to say about Brady's touchdown record.

- I considered not talking about this on the show today. I don't even, but I am a journalist and I've got to report this story. Tom Brady last night became the third quarterback to reach 500 career touchdown passes. Of course, that's just in the regular season. Course, he's thrown for almost 575.

But the NFL doesn't acknowledge that. You know, why would you acknowledge playoffs? Oh, I don't know, because it's the one thing that separates him from Peyton Manning. That's why he's the GOAT and Peyton's not. That's why he's the GOAT and Brett Favre's not. It's embarrassing that I even talk about this.

He's won five Super Bowls. For a musician that's five Grammys. For an actor, that's five Oscars. Do you think do you think if this was an entertainment show, I'd spend a lot of time on Meryl Streep winning a People's Choice Award? I mean, can you imagine? The NFL does not count Tom's playoff touchdowns.

If you and I got into an argument about Michael Jordan, and I like LeBron and you like Michael Jordan, and you said, hey man, in your face, six for six. And I went, oh no, you can't count that. The next word out of your mouth would be uh. Because LeBron wins everything else.

Your argument for the greatest basketball player is solely about six for six. In the NFL though, Tom Brady, 500 career touchdown passes. No, he's got 571. By the way, he's got 71 playoff touchdown passes. Peyton Manning's got 40. Favre's got 44. I mean, I'm not a record guy, but isn't that the difference between Brady and Manning? The 71, not the 500.

Isn't, I can remember almost all of his 71. I don't remember a lot of his 500. It is amazing though. I mean, on his Wikipedia page, ask yourself this for Tom Brady. On his Wikipedia page, how far would you have to scroll down on Tom Brady's Wikipedia page when it's all said and done in three or four years, to get to the, oh yeah, he has the most career regular season touchdown passes? That would be right under, he likes smoothies and he's got a dog named Puffy. Come on, man.

WOMAN: I mean it's still, it's still a great record to have.

- I am, I am honestly ashamed of myself, but I felt as a journalist, I had to come out and acknowledge that he set another amazing record. But the fact that like, we're talking about 500, what makes him the GOAT isn't the 500.

WOMAN: Right is the post-season.

- It's the 71 that nobody counts, which is absurd. What makes Jordan isn't a Tuesday night in Denver beating the Nuggets, it's the six for six.