Colin Cowherd ranks Drew Brees over Aaron Rodgers on all-time best QBs list

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Colin Cowherd explains how he ranks great QBs with three criteria and Drew Brees being higher on his list then Aaron Rodgers.

- You, know you'll say things from time to time, and they seem obvious. And it's like, no, no, as long as I back stuff with data, I'm right. I don't hate-- hate doesn't-- there's no such thing. You're a hater, just be honest, and be right. I am not a fanboy. I don't wear a pompoms or Packer jerseys or Ravens jerseys to games, OK? You do, I get it, you're fans, you should.

But a couple of years ago-- a while back, I was talking about the eight best quarterbacks I've ever seen in my life. And I didn't put them in order, I just said Peyton Manning, Brady, Joe Montana, Bradshaw, Elway, Marino, Troy Aikman, Brees. Well, you worked with Troy Aikman. No, I have three categories that decide who are the best quarterbacks I've ever seen.

Production. Are you productive? I don't care about just wins. Are you-- what's your production. Number two, big wins. This isn't baseball, I don't care about your OPB. Yeah, you know me. I care about wins, Super Bowls, playoff wins. Number three is longevity. Do you do it a long time.

These are the three things I judge quarterbacks on. Have you been productive, have you won big games. This is not baseball, I don't care about career averages. I want championships, I want playoff wins, division titles. And third is, how long have you done it. You know, Mark Sanchez was good for an hour. How long have you done it.

On my list, I didn't have Aaron Rodgers. And I'm like, OK, let's look at the three categories, because Brees is going to set more records on Monday Night Football. So it's going to be a big Drew Brees week. Brees is going out Monday Night Football. Everybody is going to love Drew Brees, he's going to set records. And this is not an anti-Aaron Rodgers, but if you look at productivity, let's look at productivity.

Drew Brees has more historical numbers. I mean, good god, 5,000 yard seasons. He's had five. Aaron has had none. I mean, he just-- he blows Aaron Rodgers away. And by the way, Brees has a years to go.

Duration, longevity. Brees, check over Aaron Rodgers at this current time. Big wins, they're even. I don't even know-- Aaron has had some stumbles in the playoffs. I think Brees and Aaron Rodgers, in terms of the big W, they're the same. I still think both of them are going to win another Super Bowl. I think Drew Brees has won more Super Bowl in him, it could be this year. And I think Aaron's got one more Super Bowl in him. I don't think it's this year, but it will be it sometime.

But one of the reasons-- one of the things when I get close-- because I do think Aaron and Drew Brees are close. One of the things I really think about-- and I've said this time and time again-- I'm not impressed if you inherited a lot of money and made more money with a lot of money. I'm really impressed if you came from a screwed up family, and you just made yourself a hell of a person. What did you inherit in life?

Never forget this. Aaron Rodgers inherited an NFC championship team from Brett Favre that was 13-3 with multiple Pro Bowlers. Drew Brees came to New, Orleans they were wearing grocery bags on fans head. They were called the Aints-- they were 3-13. They had one playoff win in franchise history. He saved the franchise post-Katrina. They were going to move the franchise. That was a big discussion. People left the city. The team left the city.

So in a tiebreaker, basically, Aaron Rodgers inherited the 1990 Lakers. Drew Brees inherited the 1980 Clippers. That's the thing. So often-- because I know you millennials think the Saints are just a great franchise. You're just absolutely convinced the Saints are a great franchise. Before Drew Brees got there, their best player ever was Deuce McAllister, Archie Manning, who's the third best Manning ever at quarterback. Wonderful guy, but-- Joe Horn? I mean, nice players. I mean, Deuce McAllister is a heck of a player, Joe Horn, Archie Manning.

You've got to remember, Drew Brees saved the franchise. Saved it. They were a mess. They were Cleveland. They were Cleveland in a dome. They were a laughingstock. They could have lost the franchise.

- You know, you can't just see banging on millennials all the time, Colin.

- I like millennials, but they-- sometimes, they forget.