Joel Klatt details why Kyler Murray is so unique and why the Longhorns are legitimate this season

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Joel Klatt joins Colin Cowherd to talk about the Oklahoma Sooners and Texas Longhorns ahead of this weekend's big matchup on FOX.

- Kyler Murray. Baker Mayfield leaves. I watched Oklahoma. Their offense is better.

Kyler Murray, the guy's like a Junebug. He's all over the field. He throws a beautiful deep ball.

- They're not better, but--

- You don't think the offense is better at Oklahoma?

- No. They're good. They're very good. The statistics are basically even. They're basically the exact same right now.

Kyler's gonna have to do a little bit more with his feet than Baker did just because of the loss of Rodney Anderson. He throws the ball down the field better than people give him credit for.

COLIN COWHERD: Look at this guy. Look at him.

- The same as Baker.

COLIN COWHERD: He's crazy.

- This guy-- I will say this for Kyler. Kyler's the most unique quarterback I've evaluated in a long time. Here's why. He is elite as a runner. Normally, when you have elite runners at quarterback, they're not great throwers of the football.

COLIN COWHERD: This kid is.

- He's a great thrower of the football.

COLIN COWHERD: I'm telling you.

- The combination is as good as I've seen maybe ever. And trust me, I've talked with the Texas coaches this year, the FAU coaches, the UCLA coaches. All these coaches that are gonna face him. Every single one of those coaches are like, never seen this before.

COLIN COWHERD: By the way--

- Never seen anything like it before.

- --Wyoming's not as good without Josh Allen. USC's not as good without Sam Darnold. UCLA can't win a football game without Josh Rosen. Louisville's not as good without Lamar Jackson. Oklahoma is better without Baker Mayfield.

- Why does this have to be a Baker thing? Because the last time I checked, Cleveland is like actually relevant now in the National Football League because of a guy like Baker Mayfield.

- Very good defense.

- He's a great thrower of the ball. Unbelievable. They're not even in that game without Baker Mayfield last-- why do you make this about Baker Mayfield?

- Hey, hey, it's called big J journalism. We touch on all the subjects.

- Big J journalism.

- We don't avoid topics on this show. A lot of shows are scared of this stuff.

- Unbelievable.

- Not us. This is big J journalism right here.

- That's a T. You just made a T.

- Trouble. Journalism's trouble. No, I will say this. And you know how I feel about this. I have told you I think college football is getting a little regional for my taste.

- OK.

- I think Tom Herman's close. I don't think he's close enough to win. I think Oklahoma is gonna win this game.

But I will say this, Tom Herman is working. Here's all I've ever said. When you take over a program, by the middle of the second year I got to see growth.

- And you're seeing it from them.

- I'm seeing total growth. Texas. Next year, Texas is a 11-win team and is--

- Maybe this year, Colin. I'm telling you, maybe this year. Think about this now.

He's lost seven games as the head coach of the Texas Longhorns. Five of them, they had the lead in the fourth quarter. Of those losses, I'm not even talking about the games in which now they've clearly turned the corner when they're beating USC scoring 34 straight points, beating a ranked opponent. Beating up on TCU, by the way.


- Didn't allow TCU to score over 17. That's three straight games that their defense has held the opponent under 17 points.


- They're legitimate. And I'll tell you this too. In this game specifically-- , yes Oklahoma's unbelievable. Lincoln Riley probably the best offensive mind in college football.

COLIN COWHERD: He's the Sean McVay of college football.

- Yeah, absolutely. He's probably gonna get NFL looks at the end of the season. Guess which defensive coordinator is like kryptonite to Lincoln Riley? Todd Orlando at Texas.

When he was at Houston, what did Todd Orlando do? Beat Oklahoma. Last year, only defensive coordinator to hold Oklahoma under 30 points. Only one.

Georgia didn't do it. Ohio State didn't do it. Texas was the only one that did it. So I'm just telling you this game likely gonna to be lower scoring than you think--


- --and tighter than you think.