Colin Cowherd: Aaron Rodgers seemingly doesn’t get along with anyone long term

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Colin Cowherd talks Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers on today's episode of 'The Herd'. Hear Colin's thoughts about being likeable and how it impacts teams in the NFL.

- I also think likeability is a skill. Sometimes we're all moody. Sometimes we're all in a bad mood. But to walk into a room with other people and be considerate, and likable, and agreeable, I think is a skill. I think that's hard to do on a lot of days for a lot of us.

WOMAN: I would call that emotional discipline.

- Well, yes. Exactly. I think you're right. Tom Brady by the way is great at both those. Aaron Rodgers is less great at both those. So here's an interesting story.

Two years ago-- This is written by Mike Florio, veteran NFL reporter. Two years ago evidence emerged- palpable dysfunction between Aaron Rodgers and Mike McCarthy's relationship with Rodgers openly questioning the sideline energy, which is something obviously a coach would have a lot of say with. Aaron Rodgers bristled at it. Called it crap.

Well on Sunday Roger shared concerns. Get ready for more crap Mike Florio said. Roger shared concerns about an offensive attack that doesn't sufficiently feature Davante Adams and Jimmy Graham. The quotes point clearly and unmistakably to the game plan, something for which the coach is solely responsible.

This time though McCarthy opted to engage Aaron Rodgers in his passive aggressiveness. He said quote Aaron's given a lot of responsibility and rightfully so. He's earned that at the line of scrimmage and during the preparation process. Firing back at Aaron. So my take away is, oh, once again likeability disciplines. Not really-- Aron's not nearly as good as Tom at this.

I was told years ago by an NFL source inside that Green Bay building that Aaron Rodgers was Jay Cutler but just with a lot more talent. Jay Cutler condescending and difficult. These have been documented.

Aaron Rodgers struggled with Brett Favre. It's been written, and reported, and acknowledged. Aaron Rodgers has struggled publicly- dad, brother called him out. Publicly teammates have called him out. Tom Brady gets along with everybody. Seemingly Aaron Rodgers gets along long term with nobody. And yet the media- 11 years of fawning.

Do you believe discipline and likability is a skill? I do. Tom Brady walks into that building- he's pissed off some days. He's in a bad mood some days. But he's emotionally disciplined. He's emotionally available. He's not condescending. He has every right to be furious often.

18 years we've seen one or two actions from Tom. Little social media stuff praising Gronk. We see it from Aaron Rodgers constantly. Years ago-- You know like Monday night football, Sunday night football when they have the introductions and the players tell you where they're from? And a couple of years ago, Aaron Rodgers didn't mention Cal and a friend of mine told me, oh, he's struggling now with Cal. And I couldn't verify it, so it may be a bunch of hooey but it was on TV. Remember this moment on TV? I doubt many of you remember it.

AARON RODGERS: (ON RECORDING) Aaron Rodgers Butte community college.

- He wouldn't say Cal. He talked about his junior college. Now I try to get it verified through Cal athletics so I can't hold that against him, but there's always been a reason why transcendent talents- Dan Marino, Carmelo, and Aaron Rodgers don't win more. The big one. There's always a reason for it. That reason is not something I'm going to talk about on the air all the time. I don't want to be mean spirited. I don't want to make it personal. But when stuff comes out and people take shots at people, then I feel like I'm open to talk about people.

There's a reason Carmelo Anthony doesn't win more. I'm not going to get into it. There's a reason Dan Marino didn't win more. I'm not going to get into it. But Aaron's stuff it becomes documented. It incomes reported. And once again if you think discipline- an emotional discipline and likeability are a skill, Aron's not great at that. He's not. And we see it again. And he and McCarthy battling again. They've been battling for years. They don't advertise it. They've been battling for years and I think there's a reason. It's not always somebody else's fault. The media has been fawning.