Colin Cowherd strongly believes Gisele Bündchen has accepted that Tom Brady isn’t retiring any time soon

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Colin Cowherd talks about Gisele Bündchen's comments about her husband's future in the NFL. Find out why Colin thinks Tom Brady isn't leaving the league any time soon.

- You know, there was always that kind of struggle, like she wants him to retire and Tom doesn't want to retire. And Gisele Bündchen was on "Good Morning America" and finally came to terms with Tom's love for football. First of all, she's cool. But, I mean, listen, if your girlfriend or your wife likes to dance, let her dance. And if your husband likes to play football, let him play football. Don't try to change people.

You know, they've done studies on this. Like, 80% of people never find something they truly love professionally. That's, like, a shocking number, meaning 80% of people drive to work and they don't really love their job. And by the way, job is, like, a third of your life. A third of it's sleeping. A third of it's your job. And then a third of it's, like, family and friends time. That's miserable to think that 80% of America drives to work on Monday and doesn't like their job.

I say this all the time-- I'm the luckiest guy on the earth. I literally-- it's Sunday and I'm thinking about Monday. But why would you quit something you're great at, something you're paid well at, something you have passion for, something you're still amazing at, something that-- it benefits you, your life, your kids, your family, you're still healthy? If Tom Brady was 17 surgeries in, I'd get it. If Tom Brady had eroded, I'd get it. If Tom Brady hated going to work, I'd get it.

You know, here's the thing-- is that there's two athletes in my life that have really been different, not just because they're dominant. But Tiger Woods and Tom Brady are different. And Tom Brady and Tiger Woods are different, not because they're just so great-- and they are-- but they've literally changed the way other athletes in their sports eat and sleep and drink and what they don't drink. Tiger Woods forced every other golfer to go, oh, crap-- no fried food. I gotta have abs. I gotta be in shape. And I gotta go to the weight room and take care of myself.

Go to golfers pre-Tiger Woods. They looked like Craig Stadler. They were heavy. They were thick. They weren't in shape. The pants were too tight. They didn't look good out there. Now look at them. They're all, like, cut. All of them. You don't see heavy golfers anymore. Tiger Woods changed what golfers ate, what they did with their spare time, how they-- they went to the gym.

Tom Brady-- Drew Brees doesn't announce this, but quarterbacks now in the league look to Brady. They eat better. They don't drink during the season. He's changed how they sleep, what they sleep in. Like, that's-- that's changing. That's a life-changer. There's only been two athletes-- like, LeBron's great. But I don't think he's changed in how guys eat. Like, Tiger and Tom Brady have done that.

And, you know, all I've got to say is, if you get into a relationship with somebody, appreciate what they are. Embrace what they are. If she wants to dance, if she wants to play the piano, if he wants to cook, if he wants to whittle, let him whittle. Let her dance. It's a good thing.