Colin Cowherd on Mahomes’ MNF comeback win: He’s the most fascinating football player to watch

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Colin Cowherd talks NFL. Hear what Colin has to say about Patrick Mahomes on today's show.

- Here's the thing. He's really talented. Brady's got rings, but we don't worship Brady. We think of him as kind of a grinder, a workaholic, really responsible and coachable. There is a downside, there is a burden to great wealth and great talent. It is not a coincidence that Whitney Houston's great voice and Mike Tyson's great power and Tiger Woods' great talent all came crashing down. Because the burden when you're as talented as Patrick Mahomes, it leads you to dark places. You don't have to work as hard. Nobody will ever call you a system quarterback. They'll worship you. You'll make throws you shouldn't make.

It is not a coincidence that our greatest musicians, our rock stars, our Mike Tysons, our Tiger Woods, our Whitney Houstons, crash. That kind of power, that kind of talent comes with a burden. People compare him to Brett Favre. I find him intellectually more sponge-like, more coachable, little less ego. I like Patrick Mahomes going forward over Brett Favre, although he's clearly, at this point, not Brett Favre.

But what's interesting about the NFL-- when you look at the all-time interception leaders, you would think the guys that throw a lot of interceptions-- you know, they couldn't get the ball there, the ball dies, a defensive back comes over-- no. It's the guys with the strongest arms. It's Joe Namath and Brett Favre and John Elway and Big Ben and Dan Marino and-- it's the guys-- Vinny Testaverde, that could throw a strawberry through a battleship. It's guys that threw heaters. Because when you have the ability to throw the ball anywhere, you'll want to throw the ball anywhere.

When you have an unlimited voice and unlimited power and unlimited talent, you think of it as fewer obstacles. No, it's just a different set of obstacles. The best thing Mahomes has going for him is he got to sit for a year. He's got great weapons and a remarkably innovative head coach. Darnold walked into the league, very few weapons and a defensive Coach. Baker walks into the league, the pressure of being a number one pick, injected quickly into playing, and a completely dysfunctional organization top down.

Mahomes, with all his gifts, got the perfect coach, got to sit for a year behind a smart veteran, and oh, yeah, Travis Kelce, Sammy Watkins, Kareem Hunt, Tyreek Hill. It is the perfect quarterback storm. And the downside of that is he's never going to have a bad year. He's not going to have those growing pains of Baker Mayfield. He's not going to have that embarrassing year of Jared Goff. He's not going to kick it around for the next year like Sam Darnold. He's never going to get shut out like Josh Allen. He's never going to sit on the bench like Lamar Jackson.

And you think that's all good. Oh, no, no, no, no, no. That comes with its own set of pressure. Patrick Holmes has never had a bad game, never got humiliated, never got shut out, never got mocked and ridiculed. You look around this league, most of the guys who are superstars in the NFLat quarterback were overlooked, buried, crushed, humiliated. And it builds that thing on your shoulder called a chip.

I think Patrick Mahomes is amazing, but that kind of amazing talent in any walk of life-- a big brain, a great arm, the perfect voice, great power-- comes with its own set of issues. I think the kid will handle it. I think he's got the perfect coach. I think he's got the perfect city. I think he's a really, really great kid whose dad played some pro sports.

But don't think it'll be all easy. Because he is, right now in America, the most fascinating football player to watch. And he's still a kid. Can't wait to watch it unfold.