Peter King on Le’Veon Bell trade rumors: ‘I would love this guy on the Indianapolis Colts’

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Peter King talks Le'Veon Bell trade rumors and why he thinks Bell's receiving skills would benefit Andrew Luck and the Indianapolis Colts.

PETER KING: At the end of the day, Colin, I think it was Adam Schefter on Sunday who said that they want a two and a pretty good player for him. Well, if I were the Steelers, I would do one or the other, because I don't think any team in its right mind is going to pay Le'Veon Bell knowing that starting in 2019, they are also going to have to pay him whatever the number is-- 17 million a year, you know, pick a number out of the hat. So but to me, I would love this guy on the Indianapolis Colts.


PETER KING: --for this reason. The Colts are-- the Colts are going to struggle to protect Andrew Luck. They're going to struggle big time. So if they're going to struggle, get the ball to a good receiver out of the backfield in space six or eight times a game, and let him try to make something happen. You see the Giants trying to do that with Saquon now.


PETER KING: And Saquon Barkley, maybe three out of every five times, get stuffed. But a couple of times-- at least three, four times a game in space-- he's going to make a first down and maybe make a huge play. So if the Colts could just swallow losing something good in the draft in 2019 or '20, and then swallow paying him a jillion dollars, I think that would be the perfect place.