Colin Cowherd: The Dolphins ‘laid a blankin’ egg’ against the Patriots

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Colin Cowherd talks NFL on the show. Hear what he had to say about the Miami Dolphins and New England Patriots after their Week 4 matchup.

- --much easier to handle failure than success, because if Joy fails or I fail, you put your head down, you work hard, you don't want to get embarrassed again. So when you fail, the solution's pretty easy. Like, get your stuff together, concentrate more, focus more, put your head down, and work hard.

But success is actually harder to handle. It's like, ooh, you got a raise. Man, I'm going to buy, this, I'm going to buy that, I'm going to buy this, I'm going to buy-- success is hard, because it's hard to be successful. A lot of people are successful.

Getting to the top is one thing. Staying at the top is really, really hard, like New England. So New England was vulnerable this weekend. They were a wounded bird. They were 1 and 2.

They still have a completely unsettled wide receiving core. Their best wide receiving target is a running back, James White. Gronk got hurt again. They have no pass rush.

They're 28th in the NFL in sacks. Brady, Belichick-- it's not perfect. They lost Matt Patricia, the defensive coordinator. There's a wounded bird, man. They're so vulnerable.

Here comes Miami-- not very successful, but not successful guy got a little taste of success, bought a new Corvette. Woo, he's driving a new car, he got a new job, got a new corner office. Miami showed up and laid a blanking egg.

Miami could have gone up three and 1/2 games on New England. It's not that they lost. They weren't even ready to play.

Ric Flair-- to be the man, you've got to beat the man. And you had the man. You were healthier. You weren't unsettled at wide receiver.

You weren't unsettled at running back. Your best player, Gronk, didn't get hurt. You had an opportunity.

The weather was a non-factor, which, let's be fair, it is harder for a Miami or a Tampa to go play in a Green Bay or a Foxboro in November, December. They're not used to the weather, just like it's hard for a New England or a Green Bay, in September, to go down and play in Miami where it's, you know, 96 degrees and smothering, or Jacksonville. So the weather was perfect.

You were the healthier team. But again, this is just what Miami is. I put it them in my Herd Hierarchy at number 10. And I deeply resented it.

The staff's like, you got to give Miami a shot. And I said, I'm not putting them at 10. You can't trust Miami.

So much to the chagrin of me and my reputation, I snuck Miami in at 10. I will-- no more recommendations from the staff.

- To be clear, I was not a part of that conversation. So while I very much would like for the Dolphins to be good, I trust my experiences with the Dolphins. So this is not surprising to me.

- At 3:30 PM Eastern yesterday, third quarter, Jets, Bills Dolphins-- none of them had any points. Brady scores 38 with a collection of whatever that is. But I'm telling you, so much-- it's so true.

A lot of it's just cultural. Miami's got one of those cultures where they just can't handle any success. This was there to-- you could have literally seized control of the division. 4 and 0 out of September against 1 and 3-- and oh, by the way, New England's got to come to you later in the year, where, through the years, Miami against New England at home, been a pretty good match-up.

And it's not that you lost. You didn't even compete.