Colin Cowherd has no issue with Frank Reich’s 4th down call on Sunday

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Colin Cowherd talks NFL on today's show. Hear what he had to say about the Indianapolis Colts and Frank Reich after Sunday's loss to the Houston Texans.

- Let me shift gears to a decision by Frank Reich. He is the rookie head coach of the Indianapolis Colts. And overtime loss. He went for it on a fourth down and pretty short in his territory. And he didn't get it. And then Houston got a couple yards and won. Everybody's-- Frank Reich is just getting crushed today.

I think it's interesting-- for something to be courageous and gutty, there has to be risk. And if the Colts would have picked up a first down and kicked a field goal, every single sports columnist would have put gutty, courageous in the headline.

Because something can't be-- it's not courageous to get a job out of college and 40 years later have the same job. There's no risk. There's no-- it's not gutty to walk across the street with no cars. There's no risk. It's not gutty to walk across a bridge that you can't jump off of-- you know what I mean-- you can't bungee jump off of. There's no risk.

Courage and guts come from risk. Otherwise, there's no such thing. There has to be risk. It's risky to be, you know, a lot of different things.

It's not risky-- and that's what the columns would have been today-- what a gutty move, courageous move-- you can't go from gutty and courageous to stupid based on the results. Doesn't work that way.

Because Mike Vrabel pulled his kicker off the field and went for it on fourth down and he won-- so the results were different-- you're calling him gutty today. You're calling him gritty today. You're calling him smart today. Doesn't work that way. Journalists in the media too often look at results and base all their narrative on that.

I like the move by him. And I'll tell you why I like the move. So he goes for it. First of all, his quarterback was on fire, and the Texans' defense was absolutely gassed.

But here's why I really, really like it. Because when you take over a business-- and he's a rookie head coach-- year one is not about wins. Year one, for me at this network, was about changing the culture, creating chemistry, a belief system. Year two, then you can start looking at Ws. Then you start checking the scoreboard.

But the Colts have the third to fourth-best roster in their own division. I'll repeat-- in their own division. And Frank Reich-- the new head coach of the Colts-- came from a Philly staff that not only led the NFL in conversions on fourth down but attempts. He brought that culture over-- Philly-Philly, Philly Special, Super Bowl, trick plays against the Patriots, fourth down, goal line, for the win.

When Chuck Pagano was the coach of the Colts, my big complaint was, what the hell's the identity with this team? What are they? With Frank Reich, I know what the identity is. Andrew Luck's my guy. We're going to be aggressive. We don't care what you think. And, by the way, Frank Reich left the Eagles. They're not as good this year.

Year one is about creating a culture. This team's not a playoff team. Good god. I said I think they'll go 8 and 8, and I got all sorts of pushback. Most people-- Vegas had them at five and six wins. No, they don't have Jacksonville's roster. They don't have the Texans' roster. I'm not sure they have the Titans' roster.

Year one's a culture change. Year two is results. And, by the way, I at least know what they are now. The Colts are aggressive.

And, by the way, whereas I never felt Pagano and Irsay had any relationship-- Ryan Grigson either-- any relationship with Andrew Luck at all, you had this star young quarterback, and I felt he was kind of just swimming on his own. He didn't trust the coach. He didn't trust the GM. He didn't have an offensive line. He didn't trust the training staff. He admits now-- Andrew Luck-- I was in deep pain playing. No, no, no. This morning, here's what I know what Andrew Luck thinks-- I like my coach.

You know, there's an old saying, don't jump over a $20 bill to get to a five. Folks, all you're trying to do in Indianapolis right now is create this cohesive culture. And Frank Reich did it.

Mike Vrabel did the same thing, and, this morning, courageous, gutty, courage. Wow! What? On the results? Yeah, Marcus Mariota was playing really well. Go for it.

Andrew Luck was tearing up the Texans. Go for it. What have you got to lose? Third place in the division?

I will always support-- and I've talked about this. This is how a certain guy got into the White House. Aggressive wins. It wins in politics. It wins in sports. It may not win every day. It may not win every election. It may not win every Sunday. But aggressive wins.

You've got to ask the pretty girl out. And sometimes-- 8 out of 10-- she'll laugh at you, roll her eyes, mock you, and say no. You don't get less aggressive. Aggressive wins. Frank Reich went that way. Totally, absolutely support it.