Colin Cowherd wins the biggest bet of his life

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Cousin Sal and Todd Fuhrman from Lock It In joins The Herd. Colin's biggest bet of his life was on Cleveland -3.

- OK, you guys are on a new show called "Lock It In."

- Yeah.

- So you are bringing out the mystery suitcases?

- I feel like this is a sexier version of "Deal or No Deal" right now. We're going through it.

- So now, it is interesting that you're bringing out the suitcase today, which would infer, Todd, that last night's game was my bet.

- And I was clearly off then. I thought you had a little insider information on a game on Sunday, so I'm just curious as anybody to know what's going on inside this suitcase.

- So Fuhrman thought-- Todd thought I was doing the Packers game because I did have a source the week before in Aaron Rodgers.

- Mm-hmm.

- Drumroll if we could here. This is the biggest bet of my life.

- All right.

- Thousand-- by the way, before-- Cousin Sal, how often do you bet $1,000?

- Every three hours or something. Not that often. I've slowed down a little bit.

COLIN COWHERD: By the way, when you were at Caesar's-- and Todd, you know the industry-- for professional gamblers, of which I'm not, is $1,000 a lot or minimum Blue Plate special? What is it?

- You know, it all depends on the sport. In the National Football League, professional bettors are going to have larger limits extended to them. If you're talking about the WNBA or a college basketball total in the Sun Belt on a Tuesday in February, everybody for a professional bettors a little bit different in terms of the overall impact they can have on the market.

So it's not uncommon in the NFL to see somebody come up with a brown paper bag, especially around the big game at the end of the year for the NFL and go, you know, I want $20,000 or $25,000 on the side to try and plunk down cash. Colin, we had a player with us who had bet $200,000 a game in the NFL. He would bet 12 to 14 games a weekend.

Now that might be like a $5 or $10 bet to everybody else. He didn't even blink when he had to square up his figures at the end of the month.

- Drumroll, John.

COUSIN SAL: This is it.

- Cousin Sal, you're going to unveil--

- All right. This is your big pick. Can I just say, I was surveying the scene, and I think this is the closest Todd has ever been to a woman--


- I was waiting for the Jets, but you know what? Sal's going to be disappointed. That's still not going to say "Handmaid's Tale" when you open up that envelope and get your bankroll back for that.


- It's a very good show.

- So, so rude.

- All right, here we go. This was Colin's pick.


- He bet $1,000. I called it. Cleveland minus 3 over the Jets. You lucky SOB you. That's ridiculous.

- OK, can I give you my reasoning? OK, so-- first of all, rookie quarterbacks are all over the map. I compare rookie quarterbacks to backup quarterbacks-- up, down, up, down. The great quarterbacks give you the same stuff every week. So Big Ben with tremendous weapons, and Pro Football Focus ranks as a top five offensive line, was a mess against Cleveland's defense.

Drew Brees at home averages about 350 yards. Average 20. Tremendous weapons-- Kamara, Joe Thomas. So I get veteran defensive coordinator Gregg Williams, short week, a reckless, albeit talented rookie with arguably bottom two offensive line and running back help. The only surprise to me last night-- how did the Jets get in the end zone twice?


- Now, Todd, as a professional oddsmaker, was this the sharp side or the sucker side? Did I get lucky or is there some validity to it?

- You know what? There actually wasn't a consensus on last night's game. I talked to some professional bettors who thought Cleveland didn't warrant a 3-point price tag given the fact that it meant they had to go out there and play somewhat convincing level of football, which for long stretches, they did early in the first half.

And you had other guys who went, you know, this is the perfect spot-- just like you said-- to go against Sam Darnold. Three games in 11 days for a rookie quarterback, two on the road in primetime. It was a lot to handle. The question I have for you though, Colin, in terms of a conscience and crisis, were you OK rooting for Baker Mayfield against Sam Darnold in this game is what we want to know.

- Would you have bet him had you known Baker was starting or was there most of the game.

- That's a good question. Probably not. I wouldn't have gone with a rookie quarterback even on a-- he didn't play the previous week and a short week. To me, this was-- as Todd said-- 11 days, 3 stars, veteran coordinator. And by the way, everybody is freaking out about Darnold. 6 of his 13 drives started 12-yard line or worse last night. Darnold was-- there was no way he was pulling that thing out.