Doug Gottlieb explains why Deshaun Watson could change the sport of football

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Doug Gottlieb hosts The Herd and explains why Houston Texans QB Deshaun Watson could be the guy who changes the sport of football.

- Deshaun Watson, he'll be an MVP in a couple years. Look, I put this off with a caveat-- I don't know how healthy he's going to be long-term because he's had two ACL injuries. And I do fear that they try to make him into a traditional quarterback. But I think he could change the sport. I think he could change the sport.

Because, remember, we've been told for a long time these college offenses don't work. They don't work long-term, people adjust to them. And so we only had two games to which he set the world on fire. But Deshaun Watson is the real deal off the football field, in terms of his personality and not having any sort of issues, completely buttoned up, absolutely gets it. And on the field, I think he's pretty accurate.

I think the reason he and a lot of turnovers at Clemson was because they had a different wide receiving corps his final year at Clemson. He's shown the ability to change and evolve to win a championship like he did at Alabama. He can run it, he can throw it. And I think they put him in an offense which he was immediately successful. If they can continue to win with that offense, the idea that a college offense doesn't work based upon rule changes and how it's officiated in the NFL, I think he could change the sport.