Rob Parker thinks Carson Wentz has something to prove this season

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Rob Parker joins The Herd to discuss the Philadelphia Eagles. Rob explains to Doug Gottlieb why Eagles QB Carson Wentz has something to prove this season after returning from injury.

- I think that they have a better shot at seeing success, because what they bring to the table-- if you told me Nick Foles is going to do what he did again this year as a backup quarterback and play this well, I tell you it's not going to happen, that they're not going to win a Super Bowl.

But now you're telling me that Carson Wentz, who was the MVP of the league, has something to play for. That Super Bowl ring that he got is cubic zirconia. He wants the real deal. He wants to be the guy that leads that team. They got better. They made moves. They're not the underdog, woe is me-- nobody respects us.

They went and kicked the Patriots' but in the Super Bowl. They beat Tom Brady. They should feel as confident as ever. And now they got their MVP quarterback, who's going to be ready at some point. And he's going to come back. He has something to prove.

He won't let them get fat and lazy, because they won a Super Bowl. You know why? Even though he was on the team, and he has a ring, he knows deep down he didn't win. He wants to win. It's the best scenario for the Eagles. That's why I like--