Colin Cowherd: Tom Brady’s salary is ‘pretty absurd’ compared to a couple average NBA players

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Colin Cowherd talks Tom Brady's salary and how it measures up against other NFL quarterbacks. Plus, see which NBA players have comparable compensation.

- Everybody always says, OK, Tom Brady's wife's rich, who cares what he makes? But it is pretty absurd if you put it in the context of what's he make compared to other professional athletes. So let's look at the quarterback salaries for the upcoming season, and I don't think most of you are-- Jimmy Garoppolo's going to be the highest-paid quarterback at $42.5 million. He's Tom Brady's backup six months ago.

Alex Smith, who on his best day is not Tom Brady, makes $40 million. Matt Ryan's damn good. He'll make $29.5 million, and Drew Brees, $27 million-- a little underpaid. I'm not against anybody making any money, but let's scroll down now and look at where Tom Brady figures in the NFL's hierarchy of quarterbacks salaries. And if you scroll down here, you find out that Tom Brady is barely making more than Josh Allen of the Buffalo Bills, who's going to make $13.6-- in fact, $13.965 and Brady makes $15.

Makes less than Philip Rivers-- it's pretty remarkable, right? But I know what you're saying. Colin, his wife is a supermodel. But does Tom Brady, when you look at annual salary compensation, and he's making $15 and Garoppolo is making almost three times more and Alex Smith is making 2 and 1/2 times more, does it not bother him at some level?

He's the guy. We're judged by professional careers, net worth, blah, blah, blah. Fact, if you look comparatively where Tom fits in the NFL, he's making basically the same amount of money as Sam Bradford and Tyrod Taylor. Now again, this is why I've always said-- I understand Tom not wanting to be the highest paid player.

But I think he's taking a greater sacrifice than people expect. If my wife was rich, maybe I wouldn't have to be the highest paid sportscaster, but I'd want to be making significantly more than the overnight guy on ESPN Radio. That's essentially what Brady's getting paid like. Put this in another context, let's compare him to the NBA.

Tom Brady, in the NBA, would rank behind DeMarre Carroll and Timofey Mozgov, and Brady's salary would be tied for the 76th highest in the NBA. I'm not saying he has to be the highest paid guy. He's not even the average paid guy, NBA or NFL. So I do think it is more substantial than people say.