Colin Cowherd’s Top 10 NFL storylines

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Colin Cowherd lists his top 10 biggest NFL storylines.

- Football's back. And I love this time of the year because I love football. So I thought to myself, there's a lot of interesting storylines. Some I know the answers. Some I don't.

And I thought, what are the 10 most captivating storylines? Some will end very sadly and poorly. Some could end very heroically and greatly. Here's the top 10 storylines to me in the NFL.

Number 10. Pete Carroll, Seahawks, is he on the hot seat? OK, a lot of people, myself included, think they could end up in third or fourth place, OK? He's in the last year of his contract, and he's getting older.

Cliff Avril came on my show a month ago and said after they lost that Super Bowl, people stopped listening to Pete in the locker room. They got very political. Richard Sherman bangs on Seattle. He's now a Niner in division.

Kam Chancellor, a great player, retired. Earl Thomas is holding out. They lost their star receiver Richardson. They drafted a rookie at running back in the first round, and a lot of people thought it was a reach.

I don't know what's going on in Seattle. I don't feel good about the optimism. The Legion of Boom is now the Legion of Bust. It's not a great homefield advantage now, and it's not a dominating defense.

Now, they have Russell Wilson. I think Pete's a really good coach. They have Doug Baldwin, a very good receiver. They have-- Bobby Wagner's a tremendous linebacker, and if Earl Thomas is in camp, he's great. But I think Seattle is a fascinating team.

What are the Ravens gonna do with Lamar Jackson? He's gonna play in the preseason. Flacco has been hot garbage for the last three years. Since he won the Super Bowl, Joe Flacco, his passer rating is 35th in the league, below Blake Bortles. He's been bad.

And inside the organization, one of the reasons they drafted Lamar Jackson is they think Flacco can be disinterested and really apathetic in the offseason. He comes in to camp out of shape and plays himself in shape. This year, reportedly, he's had a great camp.

Lamar Jackson. What worries me, even in college what a great offensive coach, he completed under 60% of his throws. I don't think he's ready yet, but he's gonna look good in the preseason because he's gonna play vanilla defenses and most of the guys he's gonna face in the second half of preseason games are not NFL players. And he is. I think this is gonna be a fascinating story all year long.

Philadelphia Eagles. OK, nobody wins the NFC East back to back. Hasn't happened since like 2003-2004. Nobody wins Super Bowls back to back. That hasn't happened since the Patriots back in 2003-2004.

The NFC East. The Giants are significantly better. Alec Ogletree, Saquon Barkley, Nate Solder, Odell Beckham back, better head coach. The Cowboys have won 22 games in the last two years-- only New England and Pittsburgh have more-- and they look like they're better.

This team's gotten cocky, they've gotten political, they've gotten outspoken, and Carson Wentz isn't ready to play yet. Fascinating Super Bowl champion story.

Browns and Baker Mayfield. Listen, he's not ready to play right now. He's not. He shouldn't been a number one pick. And Hugh Jackson wants to win games, so they bring over Tyrod Taylor, who's a savvy veteran who makes no mistakes and moves the chains.

Well, Tyrod Taylor right now is better than Baker Mayfield. But that ownership group-- you've got to remember, in Cleveland since 1999 they've had 28 different starting quarterbacks, several GMs, multiple coaches. I think Baker is a Case Keenum prototype, so I think we should lower expectations. But I think the Browns owner thinks he's the next John Elway, and I think they're gonna rush him onto the field. It's gonna be fascinating.

Andrew Luck missed all of last year beat up. Finally appears they've got their offensive line-- at least guard, center, guard-- figured out. Two of their first three picks, really good offensive linemen. They finally gave him an offensive coach, Frank Reich, who was the coordinator over there under Doug Pederson with the Super Bowl-winning Eagles.

Actually, their personnel isn't great. They're still in the rebuilding mode, but the AFC is pretty wide open. And that division-- do you trust Jacksonville? Do you trust Tennessee? We don't know a ton about Deshaun Watson.

Andrew Luck, we haven't seen him play in a year and a half. Fascinating.

What does the youngest coach in the NFL, Sean McVay-- how's he gonna handle that circus? Listen, he's a 32-year-old guy, and this locker room has more stars and divas than anybody in the NFL. And we're living in Los Angeles.

Because Jared Goff doesn't make much, they can go out and get Ndamukong Suh and Marcus Peters and Aqib Talib and Brandin Cooks. That's a lot of mouths to feed. That's a lot of money. That's a lot of egos.

Thank god he's got Wade Phillips on the defensive end. They also haven't signed Aaron Donald. How is that playing in the locker room? Because after Todd Gurley, he's probably the most beloved player in the locker room.

They're coming off a big year. There's high expectations. Is Jared Goff as good as he was last year? Or is he closer to what he was his first year, overwhelmed?

Man, this is an absolute circus. I think they're gonna be good, but I think Ndamukong Suh and Marcus Peters are one-year rentals. They got kind of a Rondo, Lance Stephenson feel to them. We'll see how it plays out.

Well, Jimmy Garoppolo had a passer rating of 100. Now his rating is NC-17. He's dating porn stars. I don't know what's going on.

We've got Jimmy Garoppolo, 7 and 0 as a starter, 2 and 0 in New England, 5 and 0 in San Francisco. Now he's a public figure. They went $138 million for him, so they are all in on a five-year deal.

This is a proud franchise that's had Joe Montana Super Bowls, Steve Young Super Bowls, Kaepernick controversy, Harbaugh. The Niners have historically been very, very interesting. And Eric Mangini said it earlier, is he Brady or is he Tony Romo, a guy that's talented but makes the big mistakes in the clutch? I can't wait to watch.

Raiders right across the bridge. Right across the pond. What are they?

Jon Gruden is a successful guy. When he went to the Raiders, he was with the Raiders for, what is it, four years, and they made the playoffs in two of them. He turned Rich Gannon, a good quarterback, into the league MVP, and then he got fired. And then he went to Tampa and won a Super Bowl. And then he went to television and he was a rock star.

He's a very smart, successful guy. But man, he's been out of the sport for 10 years. 10 years. That's a generation of young players. And now he's not talking to Khalil Mack.

The division's got Philip Rivers in it, but he's got Derek Carr. And Andy Reid's really good. And John Elway is impatient in Denver. This is the most combustible division in football, and Gruden's at the top of it. And I frankly can't wait to watch.

Dallas Cowboys got rid of Dez Bryant. I think it helps the team. Half the people think it hurts the team.

Can I just say this about Dak Prescott? 22 wins in two years in a tough division in the better NFC. That's the best in the NFC. Only New England and Pittsburgh has more wins in two years, 22. Nobody in the NFC does.

So Dak can play. Whether you want to admit it or not, the kid can play. The kid is smart, the kid's mature, the kid is durable, the kid's pretty mobile, the kid's pretty accurate. But now, now it's year three.

Dez gone, Witten gone, Romo criticizing him on television. Yeah, a lot of pressure on Dak. Ezekiel Elliott's back. That cloud's lifted. I think the Cowboys are the second most captivating team in the NFL.

And number one, the great dynasty, is it about to crumble? We got a power struggle. Robert Kraft, Bill Belichick, Alex Guerrero, Tom Brady.

Brandin Cooks, his deep threat, gone, Rams. Danny Amendola, great slot, gone, Dolphins. No backup for Tom Brady. You got Julian Edelman's out the first month. Gronk only averages last five years 10, 10 and 1/2 games a season.

This is the weakest roster they've ever had. We've got a Belichick-Brady-Kraft thing that you can deny all the reports you want, but it's not great. It's certainly not as good as it was five years ago. Is the dynasty, like the Spurs in the NBA, is it about, with the old veteran head coach, about to crumble?