Colin predicts Sam Darnold, Jets will own AFC East when Brady retires

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Hear why Colin Cowherd predicts Sam Darnold and the New York Jets will own the AFC East when Tom Brady retires from the NFL.

- I've said before there are a handful of quarterbacks that I put my arms around and go, that's going to be a guy. I did it with Andrew Luck, who went 11 and 5, 11 and 5, 11 and 5 with the worst O-line in football and a bad running game until he was beat up. And I think Sam's one of those guys. He is tough. He is durable. Now, he had less than two years starting at USC. He is the youngest quarterback and the least experienced quarterback of all these guys. Lamar Jackson's got more starts, Josh Rosen, Josh Allen, Baker Mayfield. He's going to have a choppy first year. He is not a refined project. He's not as good as Andrew Luck coming out. He's not.

Remember Drew Brees' first couple of years. Aaron Rodgers sat for a couple of years. These guys grow at different times. But at this quarterback class, there's five. You and I know that all five are not going to make it. It's not the way it works. Of the five quarterbacks drafted in the first round, one is going to be an absolute bust. My guess is the kid at Buffalo. Two of them are going to be less than we thought. My guess is Lamar Jackson's not going to own the league and Baker Mayfield's not a number one pick. Two of them are going to work out pretty well, with the chance of one being a franchise guy for 15 years. My bet is on Darnold. Smart, hardworking, durable, tough, alpha male, great qualities, without the ego. And he just keeps getting better.

And you know, there's a big question at USC-- did he win the Pac-12? Not the USC coaching staff. They didn't have a great football team. Did he carry them to wins over Stanford a couple times, Washington the year before, Texas, Penn State? They were winning a lot of close games with Sam Darnold. And the question at USC, a lot of fans have is, we going to win those without Sam Darnold? So I think this kid's special.

I don't quite think he's Andrew Luck out of college. That doesn't mean he couldn't be Andrew Luck, because Andrew Luck already got the you-know-what kicked out of him his first five years, six years in the league. I like Todd Bowles, the Jets coach. I do. I do think it's an advantage for a quarterback to have an offensive coach, but Belichick's a defensive coach. That's not to say it doesn't work if you have a defensive-minded coach.

By the way, last year the head coach at Minnesota was Mike Zimmer, and Case Keenum had his best year by a mile. If you've got a good coach-- I'd prefer an offensive coach, but I think Mike Zimmer's a good coach, and made Case Keenum better. So it doesn't have to be an offensive guy. I just don't want you to be Rex Ryan and you seem to be plotting against your quarterback. But I think Darnold's going to be a special player. I think within a year or two when Tom Brady retires, the Jets will own this division. And they've got their guy.

And there was five quarterbacks drafted. I think Darnold's the best one long term. I think Josh Rosen at Arizona is the best one the soonest. Again, I think Josh Allen has a chance to bust. I think Baker and Lamar Jackson have a chance to succeed, but I don't think they'll be nearly as great as everybody else does. I think Baker, his ceiling's lower than people think, and I think Lamar Jackson, I just want to see him play for a couple of years and make those third down and 9 throws in the NFL. So Sam Darnold saying he's a New York Jet.