Colin Cowherd examines why Magic Johnson isn’t getting enough credit for landing LeBron

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Colin Cowherd talks NBA. Hear his thoughts on Magic Johnson and the Los Angeles Lakers.

- You know, recruiting is essentially sales. You ever notice salespeople are often attractive, full of energy? Pharmaceutical sales-- how do you get inside a doctor's office? Attractive young people get inside that doctor's office. The pharmaceutical sales, media sales, real estate sales-- you ever notice how a lot of the best salespeople are kind of attractive? Man, woman, handsome, beautiful? It's kind of the way it works.

Jerry West kind of took a shot at Magic Johnson yesterday. Jerry West now part of the Clippers. Jerry West took a shot at Magic, at the Lakers. He probably didn't think it was a shot, but it kind of comes off that way. And I like Jerry and Magic, so here's the quote.

He said, all due respect to the Lakers, but LeBron was not a tough free agent signing. LeBron wanted to come to the Lakers, period. He'll be a celebrity out here, sure, but it's a place where, once in a while, he can get lost, be himself, and hide. I believe Magic does deserve credit.

Because who are the two best recruiters in NBA history? Pat Riley and Jerry West. Pat Riley is 73. He looks 63. He's toned, tanned, fit, handsome, well-dressed. I was in a room with him about two months ago at a fight in Vegas, and I'm like, damn. If I can look like that at 73, I'll sign up now.

You ever seen Jerry West lately? He's 80 and looks about 66. Jerry is real handsome. Both Riley and Jerry West had homes, Malibu, by Dick Clark, Johnny Carson. Most general managers in the NBA don't sniff Malibu and don't live next to Johnny Carson. Maybe Ted Carson in Waste Management in their town.

Pat Riley and Jerry West are the greatest recruiters for the same reason Magic is. They walk into a room, and in their prime, owned it. Magic Johnson is almost 60 years old. I'm going to show you a piece of tape from one year ago. This is a 60-year-old man. Watch his energy.

- This is between you and me. Nobody is watching. Nobody needs to know. What is it going to take to bring LeBron to the Lakers? I'll pay the fine. I'll pay the fine.

- Don't answer.

- I'll pay the fine.

- I'm going to be in trouble. You know what? We're trying to build a championship team with the Lakers. And hopefully next summer, we'll be in line to sign free agents.

- You can't be around Magic Johnson and not laugh and not smile. And by the way, when Jerry West was in his 50s and 60s, you couldn't be around Jerry West, the logo, and not kind of be intimidated. It should be noted, in his mid 70s, Jerry West worked as a consultant to the Golden State Warriors. He made the final call to Kevin Durant in Oklahoma City.

The man has still got it. And don't kid yourself. There's multiple free agents available in the next two years. There's a reason they're paying Jerry West seven figures to be a consultant for the Clippers. Pat Riley, Magic, and Jerry are also connected at the hip to the Showtime Lakers. Magic was the star. Riley was the coach. Jerry was the GM. And that still resonates today.

Jerry comes off a little bitter, but he's a very good man. Pat Riley came off a little bitter when he couldn't keep LeBron, and he's a very good man. Magic, at 60, has superseded Riley and Jerry as the league's best recruiter. And they all share the same quality.