Colin Cowherd: ‘There are signs that the West is vulnerable for the taking’

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Colin Cowherd explains why we shouldn't rush to crown the Warriors the best in the West.

- I always like detective movies because detectives have evidence. And I think there is evidence that with LeBron to the Lakers, the West is more vulnerable than we think. And I think it's great. I think it's good.

But there are signs, there are signs that the West is vulnerable for the taking. So I, as Inspector Cowherd, will put on my detective cap looking for evidence. Let's get real evidence.

Let's start with Houston. Chris Paul, four straight years, has played fewer games. Got hurt last year. Evidence of physical erosion. By the way, Clint Capela-- they're going to sign him to a big deal-- completely marginalized in the playoffs because it's 2018 and he can't shoot. We have evidence Houston, with an aging Chris Paul, has peaked.

New Orleans-- let's look for evidence. Rondo, who was terrific in the playoffs, gone. Boogie Cousins, gone. And they overpaid for Julius Randle, who in 2018 can't shoot. Luke Walton played him major minutes to show him off to other teams. Pelicans bit on it.

How about Minnesota? I'm a detective. I want evidence of erosion. Oh, good God. Even a clumsy doofus detective could find the evidence here. Jimmy Butler doesn't like Andrew Wiggins or Karl Anthony Towns. There's like 15 reports. It's called Google. Look it up.

This team's underachieving. There's a reason. Their chemistry's awful. This group's not even going to be together in a year.

Let's go to Portland. Inspector Cowherd seeking clues and evidence. Portland. I don't know. They've been swept the last two years. Guard-heavy, bad contracts, no cap room. They felt like a threat two years ago. They just feel overpaid at too many positions and no points out of their backcourt. Evidence they're a nonfactor.

How about the Spurs? Old roster. San Antonio Spurs. Here's real evidence-- Pau Gasol's 39; Manu, 40; Tony Parker, 36; LaMarcus Aldridge, in three weeks, 33. 69-year-old coach. Kawhi Leonard, their best player, wants out. Sinking, not rising. Don't have to be a world-class detective to see not a threat.

Colin, what about Oklahoma City? I've got more evidence. Last two playoff runs, three combined wins. Evidence-- efficiency numbers for Russell Westbrook deteriorate in the playoffs because his style-- ballcentric-- wears not just teammates out, wears him out. No cap space. More evidence.

OK, Colin, Golden State. Show me the evidence there, Mr. Detective. Steph Curry just had an ankle injury, his sixth. Klay Thompson's dad's a Laker broadcaster, free agent next year. And the wandering eye of Kevin Durant, he'll be on the market, too.

They were incredibly complacent in the regular season. David West said after the title, oh, if you only knew the issues we have. By the way, if not for Chris Paul's injury, they would have lost the Western Conference finals. Fatigue is setting in. Evidence.

Oh, by the way, what about the Lakers? A lot of one-year deals. LeBron's in town. Youthful players improving, and a glamorous free-agent market. I think the West is vulnerable.