Should the NBA change its playoff format because LeBron is in the West? Colin Cowherd weighs in

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Colin Cowherd discusses whether the NBA should change it's playoff format now that LeBron James is in the Western Conference.

- Judge a person's impact, not by just their arrival, but by their exit. Everybody's saying, ooh, LeBron going to make the Lakers good. Vegas has them, like, 53 wins. Don't just judge LeBron on his arrival. Judge him on his exit.

Here's the power of LeBron. There are two networks that carry the NBA, ESPN and TNT. They run doubleheaders. The late doubleheader, 8 o'clock, that will be LeBron, Lakers, Warriors, Houston. Oh, it will be good teams, join on 8:00 Pacific, have a great game, have a Lakers, LeBron-- I've got Harden and Chris Paul. I've got Westbrook, and that kind of dysfunctional team.

I got the dynasty. Oh, I got a lot. Minnesota now has got some crisis. They got good players. Oh, I'd be at good games. The first game will be the Eastern Conference game. What are they going to air? John Wall's not popular in Washington DC. Pacers, Raptors-- calling the Celtics are a complete television ratings myth.

The Celtics get ratings when they play LeBron. Do you know what the Celtics-Milwaukee series did this year? 11% down from Spurs-Clippers on the same network. And we're not interested in the Spurs and the Clippers. The biggest story in Boston is Brad Stevens and Danny Ainge and the draft picks.

Really, you ever watch a game, think all day? God, I can't wait to see Al Horford, Gordon Hayward, Jaylen Brown, Marcus Smart. I mean, Kyrie Irving is a great player, but he's not above the rim guy. That's why I keep saying, Ben Simmons is the new LeBron. He will be the guy-- He, now, dating, you know, Kendall Jenner. He will be the star of the East.

It's Ben Simmons. It's not Joel Embiid, not Giannis. It's not Kyrie Irving. Judge somebody's power, not just by their arrival but by their exit, the wait they leave. How good were the 49ers after Jim Harbaugh left? They were a dysfunctional mess for four years. USC's never ever clicked, gotten back to the Pete Carroll years.

This is why I said this six months ago, and everybody just sort of laughed at me. I said, Ben Simmons will never be as great as LeBron, but he is the new LeBron. He's going to carry the Eastern Conference. Forget just LeBron to the Lakers. The Cavs now will be an unmitigated disaster. And both networks that have the NBA are now meeting with Adam Silver to try to create a new reseeding playoff format.

So the playoffs now are 1 through 16, not East and West. We may change our entire playoff format, because LeBron changed conferences. That, my friends, is power. Not even Michael Jordan didn't do that. Wilt didn't do that. Kareem didn't do that. Bird didn't do that. Magic didn't do that. Hakeem didn't do that. Duncan didn't do that.

There is a probability, perhaps high, that both networks-- and I know this to be true-- have asked the NBA, can we change the playoff format? They've asked for it-- doesn't mean the NBA and Adam Silver will comply. But they've asked for it. That, gang, is power.