Colin Cowherd explains why the Lakers should consider trading for Damian Lillard

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Colin Cowherd talks about the free agency options for the Los Angeles Lakers, including the possibility of trading for Damian Lillard.

- Remember, stories get out when somebody wants them out. San Antonio's leaking all these stories. Oh, the Sixers, we're ready to make a deal with them for Kawhi.

Celtics, we're going to make a deal with them. They're trying to freak the Lakers out. Lakers have options.

Hold on. So apparently, the Spurs, Greg Popovich, the bully, is trying to bully the Lakers. They said, OK, we'll give you Kawhi. We want Brandon Ingram, Kyle Kuzma, Josh Hart, two first round picks, and two more swap picks because you can't go back to back giving up number one picks, like back to back years.

Swap picks-- basically, they want like-- you know, when you go-- generally, here's how it works. When you go to rent a car, they don't ask for two of your kids, three of your pets, and the mortgage. They ask for your license and about $30 bucks. Basically, Kawhi Leonard's a rental player for everybody but the Lakers.

And they are asking the Sixers give up two starters, three future first round picks. Let's be honest about this. They don't have a market for him.

He didn't play last year. Kawhi Leonard rightly, rightly didn't play. He was 70%, 80%.

Isaiah Thomas played in an injury. How's that work for Isaiah Thomas? Kawhi's like, I'm 75%, 80%.

I'm not going to play with this injury. And then Popovich sent out Tony Parker to bad mouth him in the press and Manu Ginobili to bad mouth him in the press. And frankly, Popovich not so suddenly bad mouthed him in the press. And Kawhi Leonard is like, I want out of here.

So let's first talk about Boston. Boston's not going to attain Kawhi. This is all baloney because Boston, I have this sourced, ain't giving up Kyrie Irving and is not given up Jayson Tatum. They're not.

Those are the-- those are the things they're not giving up. Those are the two things San Antonio wants. And never forget, Rick Bucher brought up a very interesting point yesterday on why the Celtics are not really in the position to get Kawhi Leonard.

- Really going to acquire Kawhi Leonard, Kyrie Irving, and Gordon Hayward coming off of his injury? You're going to build around three injury-prone guys? I don't think so.

- Doesn't make any sense. You don't know if Gordon Hayward will be the same player. You're now worried about Kyrie Irving, who's been hurt several times-- is absolutely, without question, inarguably injury-prone. Now you're going to bring in Kawhi?

That's your future? Going to give up Jayson Tatum for that? It's not happening.

This is a mirage. Popovich is trying to leak and create stories that do not exist. Boston isn't-- is-- holds those draft picks so preciously to their chest.

Danny Ainge isn't given up multiple stars and players for Kawhi Leonard coming off that injury. Philadelphia-- what about Philadelphia? They're asking too much.

I'll go back to this again. If you're the Lakers, you got LeBron. Be patient.

Kawhi Leonard wants you. And secondly, two things to think about. LeBron James has shown an ability to win a championship with a shoot first point guard. Damian Lillard in Portland-- when are they gonna reboot that thing?

They just got swept in the playoffs. When is Portland going to reboot this two guard offense? They could use a forward, maybe a-- maybe a guard that passes.

Don't think Portland would be interested in Brandon Ingram and Lonzo Ball? Portland is not in the championship talk. They're in the let's be interesting.

Portland's no longer are that interesting. They just got swept as a heavy favorite. They're-- they need to get more interesting.

Lonzo Ball, Brandon Ingram, picks, with CJ McCollum, who's a-- who's a really good player. That's interesting. That's interesting.

Lakers would love to have Damian Lillard. Top 10 player, MVP votes, guard, a little bigger and stronger than Kyrie, who LeBron want won a title with. Portland needs a forward.

Lakers have a surplus-- LeBron, Kuzma, Brandon Ingram. Kawhi is not the only answer here. And here's the second thing to remember if you're a Laker fan.

They're dropping clues. Magic Johnson came out a couple of days ago. What did he say?

If I can't get this done in two years, I'll quit. Why did he say two years? Why so specific?

Because he knew he had-- he knew he had LeBron in the bag. Who's available next year? The Lakers' dream teammate-- Klay Thompson.

Dad's a former Laker. Dad's the current Laker broadcaster. Magic knows Klay.

Michael Thompson has influence in Klay's life. Klay's the perfect kind of guy that doesn't want the publicity. LeBron will steal and Magic will get.

He's available. Lakers are assigning a bunch of one year contracts to create cap flexibility next year, the year that Magic has said he'll quit if he doesn't land somebody. Remember, Magic said this. This is not me. Here's what Magic said.

- If I can't deliver, I'm going to step down myself. She won't have to fire me. I'll step away from it, you know? Because then I can't do this job. Like I told you before I took the job and when I took the job, it's going to be a two summer thing for the Lakers.

COLIN COWHERD: Interesting.

- This summer and next summer.

COLIN COWHERD: Because he knew he--

- And that's it. Next summer, it nobody comes in and I'm still sitting here like this, then it's a failure. But if you judge us on one summer, that's ridiculous.

- OK, he's got-- he's one for one. He got LeBron. Klay's next.

Warriors get another title. That thing breaks up, KD may move. Folks, Lakers-- don't let the bully in San Antonio bully you.

You-- you went one for one. You've got assets. You've got draft picks, multiple forwards, improving young players, expiring contracts.

Give Portland a call. They got to reboot that thing. It's now not even-- forget being good. Portland's now not even interesting.