Colin Cowherd thinks it’s a sign that the best NBA players didn’t want Boogie Cousins

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Colin Cowherd attempts to calm the public's nerves about DeMarcus Cousins' one-year deal with the Golden State Warriors by pointing out that other NBA stars, like Anthony Davis, don't even like Boogie.

- Joy has a phone. I have a phone. Everybody's got-- everything's on their phone now. Right? And because you have to have your phone because, like, breaking news. You can order food. You know, I understand everybody has their phone.

But you need to put the phone down. Because what's happening in America is this phone's messing with people's heads. And they overreact to everything. And they get you all worked up. Take a deep breath. 4th of July. Watch our show. Put your phone down. Play with your kids. Do some fireworks. You know, put the phone down.

The phone is freaking everybody out. Everybody overreacts to everything. Everybody overreacts to everything-- politics, news, sports, weather. Take a deep breath.

Yesterday, I had to talk everybody off the ledge. I'll never watch the NBA again. DeMarcus Cousins to the Warriors, this is going to kill the league. Nobody can beat them. This is unfair.

And I kept saying, oh, people. Do your kids still love you? Is 4th of July still fun? Do you still like a good burger or a hot dog? Life's the same as it's always been. Take a deep breath. Put the phone down.

What do you know? DeMarcus Cousins. Do you know why New Orleans didn't offer him?


According to WWL-TV in New Orleans, the longstanding New Orleans journalism center in that city, Anthony Davis, second, third, fourth best player in the league, didn't want him back. He ruined the locker room. That's why they got better when DeMarcus Cousins left. He's a jerk.

Sorry. The NBA didn't have a lot of them. He's one of them. He's bad. And he's injured. Anthony Davis said, nah, we didn't like him at Kentucky. Nobody liked him in Sacramento. And we didn't like him here. And we swept Portland in the playoffs without him. What do you know? Third best player in the league. Didn't want him.

Oh, by the way, here's another story. Today, Lakers turned down the chance to sign him. Why? Well, figure it out. We know LeBron and Magic met for three hours. We know they talked about personnel.

We know there were certain people LeBron said, go get, like, for instance, Rondo. Rondo and LeBron, they faced before in playoff series. Rondo played well against him. Lance Stephenson, LeBron's like, he didn't fear anybody.

LeBron didn't want DeMarcus Cousins. Best player in the league-- no, thank you. Anthony Davis, third best player in the league-- no, thank you.

Take a deep breath. DeMarcus Cousins, oh, here's an interesting story from somebody who covers the Warriors, Ric Bucher. He said, "The Warriors aren't planning to start Boogie Cousins." Ho, ho, ho. Anybody told Boogie? Boogie's 25-12 guy. They're not planning to start him. They want him to come off the bench. And Ric Bucher says, um, good luck telling Boogie that.

Put the phone down. We still all like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, a hot dog, a hamburger on 4th of July. We still laugh with our kids, cry with our husbands and wives. Don't let the phone get you all worked up, sitting on Twitter all day, freaking out to idiots you don't know in the middle of anywhere, taking cha, cha, cha.

Oh, my god. Put the phone down. Boogie Cousins doesn't mean anything. Kentucky, nightmare. Sacramento, couldn't get him out of town fast enough. New Orleans, Anthony Davis, no, thank you, not interested.

Welcome to 2018, where a sports guy, me, has to talk America off the ledge regularly. The Golden State Warriors, as I said yesterday, Boogie Cousins is a sign that this puppy is getting closer to the end than the beginning, that they've got a finessed team that PJ Tucker, Houston, punched them in the throat, gave them huge issues. They showed signs of finesse, fatigue, and weakness, and were down in the Western Conference finals 3-2 before Chris Paul got hurt. And they're reaching for Boogie Cousins, who doesn't make any locker room better.


Take a deep breath, especially on 4th of July. Take a deep breath and watch the fireworks tonight.