Colin Cowherd questions if Magic landing LeBron for Lakers makes him a better GM than Michael Jordan

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Colin Cowherd questions if Magic Johnson landing LeBron James for the Los Angeles Lakers makes him a better general manager than Michael Jordan.

- LeBron and Magic actually have a lot in common. We always compare LeBron to Michael Jordan, mostly because we never thought Michael Jordan would be threatened as the GOAT. But they really have different games, different DNA, different lifestyles. One's more selfish, more about scoring, more about him. One's more about giving, more communal, creating schools in Akron.

LeBron and Magic have a lot in common. First of all, like all icons, one name is enough. Pele, Madonna, Sting, LeBron, Magic. Secondly, they have unique physical gifts. They're essentially 6' 9.5" point guards. They don't make a lot of those. Both were the face of their league in the prime. Both took the league to a place it had never been before. But you'd tend to think that Magic Johnson's rival has been Larry Bird. Right? Because they came up together. But they're not. Magic and Bird are friends. They do documentaries on that. Magic's unspoken rival is Michael Jordan.

Magic's net worth is over $700 million, about half of Michael Jordan's net worth. You do get that Magic and Michael aren't friends, and Magic-- and it's unspoken because he's too classy to talk about it-- always felt a little slighted, how the basketball world-- though he'd been to 30% more finals than MJ and retired younger, was never even considered the GOAT. I've said it before on this show, if Michael's the best, boy, the gap between Michael and Magic is not that great.

Go back to those Dream Team stories, the one-on-one matches they had. How they split up the teams, Michael driving one, Magic the other. Magic, nine finals. Michael, six. But yet, for a second, we've never given Magic the respect though he elevates everybody he ever played with, and unlike Michael Jordan, he could give you 22 assists and 22 rebounds. He could play center. Michael couldn't, and we just forgot about that. Oh, there's a new shiny toy. It's Michael. Magic who? Magic and Michael have a rivalry.

So the story is that LeBron and Magic met for three hours Saturday night. Three hours. You ever had a three hour meeting? You can serve two meals in a three hour meeting. Let me assure you what they didn't spend a lot of time on, the JaVale McGee acquisition, or the Lance Stephenson one. Magic and LeBron got personal when they talked about stuff like legacies. Do you think it would break Magic's heart to get LeBron another title, and for many people to flip to LeBron's the greatest of all time? Oh, I think Magic would like that a lot

You think Magic's rival is Bird. No, they cry when talking about each other. They're friends. Deep-seated respect and love, admiration. They grew up together in this league. Michael was the rival to both. Michael's been richer, considered the GOAT. Nobody considers them despite the fact that I could argue Magic and Bird saved the league.

I bet you they talked about that. I bet Magic said things like, third team? Third team with a title? Michael tried baseball, embarrassing. Michael went to the Wizards, embarrassing. Michael tried to be a GM, embarrassing. LeBron and Magic have a lot in common, and that thing is Michael. And in four years with a title or two, Magic will be seen as a front-office wizard, Michael just a Washington wizard. LeBron will be seen as three teams, three different destinations, titles with all. Michael, baseball? Wizards? Oh god, it's embarrassing. They had a three-hour meeting. I can assure you not more than a minute was spent on the JaVale McGee acquisition. Michael got brought up. Both can elevate beyond him in the next four years.