Colin Cowherd’s 2018 NBA offseason predictions

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Colin Cowherd unveils his 2018 NBA offseason predictions. Find out which superstars (LeBron, Paul George, KD, Chris Paul, Boogie) Colin thinks are on the move and which will stay put. Do you agree with Colin?

- When I get back from Moscow, Leningrad, St. Petersburg, I'm going to predict what's going to happen. So let's start with Chris Paul, my guess is despite the tension Chris Broussard just noted, he stays in Houston. They make it work. They had a great season. They had the Warriors down 3-2. You've got four legit big-time players. He gets 75% to 100% of the max contract. It worked. He and Harden, when they played together, I think they won 92% of their games. And again, they're the best chance right now in the league, along with the Celtics next year when everybody gets healthy. Chris Paul stays with Houston.

Let's go to Kawhi Leonard. I think Kawhi Leonard, on July 1 and 2, is still a San Antonio Spur. Popovich doesn't want to make a deal any sooner than he has to. Because let's say, for instance, he doesn't do a deal with the Lakers-- at least not now. LeBron may not be incentivized to become a Laker if LeBron sees no Kawhi and no Paul George, it does lessen the chance that LeBron sees the party start and moves to L.A. I think Kawhi Leonard, July 1 and 2, when I get back from Moscow, will still be a Spur.

Paul George. I believe the Lakers understand what we've been preaching here for a week. He's going to be a Laker. Because I believe Magic Johnson realizes he is the most easiest player, the most likely Laker, and I think if you put him on a team with Lonzo, Kuzma, Brandon Ingram, with Luke Walton, Josh Hart off the bench, Brook Lopez, that's a 43-, 44-win team. And that's a playoff team. Certainly vying for a playoff team. And it's an attractive team, a fun team to watch that other people would want to play for.

How about Kevin Durant? I think for obvious reasons Kevin Durant stays in Golden State, the best team in the league. No reason to go now. There did appear to be some tension, some weirdness for a while in that Houston series. But they went back, won the series, beat Cleveland, came out. Bob Myers, he has a good relationship. Smart kid on a smart team. I think he fits the culture. Listen, back-to-back titles, make history, it a a third like Shag-Kobe.

How about Boogie Cousins? The troubled, enigmatic Big. I think Dallas overpays for him. I think he becomes a Dallas Maverick. I wouldn't get him, but Mark Cuban's had very little success getting star players. And they do have Dennis Smith, a rookie last year who was a lot of fun to watch. They got Luka Doncic, the top European player. And I think if you add Boogie Cousins, they're at least interesting. They're at least interesting. And Dallas hasn't been interesting for years.

And LeBron James stays quiet. I believe LeBron James now believes. Listen. I want my move to be a standalone event. For the record, when he left for Miami it was July 8. Standalone event. When he went back to Cleveland, July 11. Standalone event. I think by next Sunday when I get back, LeBron will still be hovering watching us project and guess, and he'll still be at that point a Cleveland Cavalier.