Colin Cowherd on reports Kawhi wants out of Spurs to join the Lakers

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Colin Cowherd on reports that Kawhi Leonard want to be traded from the San Antonio Spurs and has expressed interest in going to the Los Angeles Lakers.

- The breaking news-- this is breaking news, folks, and it is-- if you're a Laker fan and you want LeBron to be a Laker, it is all setting up for LeBron to be a Laker. Kawhi Leonard, according to Woj and Chris Mannix, the two guys I trust doing this that don't work here-- Kawhi Leonard wants to be a Laker, will dictate terms, wants out of San Antonio. Remember, LeBron likes shooters. He is a 49% field goal shooter, a 39% three-point shooter, an 84% free throw shooter who plays real defense. So he can guard the best guy. This is what Kawhi likes. This is what LeBron likes. He likes athletic guys who can defend and shoot.

By the way, Paul George-- so Kawhi is arguably the league's best two-way player. LeBron is arguably one or two. Paul George also is a two-way player. Unlike Melo, unlike Harden, Paul George plays defense. Paul George wants to be a Laker. LeBron, if he wants to be a Laker, now has Kawhi. And remember this-- the other team that loved Kyle Kuzma beyond the Lakers was the Spurs. So Kawhi Leonard is going to come out. He just came out. He wants to be a Laker preferably. And he wants out. He's got one more year on his deal.

Now, Popovich, who's always been a little bit of a bully to me, he could just toy with it and say, you know what? You can maybe have him later but, we're in no hurry. Or does Popovich say, the kid wants out? He went public with this. Remember when Kyrie said I want out of Cleveland, and they just made the deal? They're like, what's the point of bringing him to camp? Let's just get him the hell out of here. If you have an unhappy employee, he's going to disrupt our camp, our team. Just get him out of here. And so that's what Kyrie did. Kyrie said, I want out. And he didn't say he wanted to go to Boston, but Cleveland made a deal for him.

So Kawhi is like, I want out, and I want to go to LA. So that totally hamstrings Popovich. Because Kawhi, by strongly saying I want to be a Laker, what other team would give up anything to get him? He'd be a rental. So this is what players should do. Players should say, this is where I want to go. Kawhi Leonard is getting great advice here. You tell everybody this is where I want to go. Control your fate.

And by the way, Popovich has tried to control everybody for years. Finally a player says, enough. I want to control it. And so my guess is the Lakers would give him Kyle Kuzma, who is-- I don't think he has quite the ceiling of-- I think Kyle Kuzma is a nice player. He should be about the fourth best player on your team if you win a title. Kawhi can be the second best player on your team, and you can win a title.

So LeBron, Kawhi Leonard, Paul George-- get rid of Kyle Kuzma. Give him the 27th pick. I don't know if they would want Julius Randle. I'm not sure the Lakers do. He had his best year, but he's a limited player. This may be-- I don't even know if the Spurs would take Lonzo Ball.

By the way, if I've got LeBron hitting threes, Paul George hitting threes, and Kawhi hitting threes, I don't need Lonzo to be a great shooter. Can he be a facilitator? Lonzo could actually work-- in the LeBron-Lonzo world, they could actually work together. Because Lonzo wouldn't be relied on to shoot, and he's great at getting the ball to shooters.

So this is a major story today. Chris Mannix says look for the Lakers to make a big play for Kawhi Leonard. LA has the pieces and can feel comfortable. He wants to be there long term.

Zach Lowe-- he's at the other place, NBA guy. Kawhi can dictate a lot of this trade market given he'll be a free agent after next year. We'll telegraph his likelihood of resigning with any team who tries to acquire him. And again, Kawhi is a 50% shooter, 39% from threes, 85% from the free throw line.

He's going to give you-- he's never been a great assist guy. That's why I think Lonzo could work here. The hole in Kawhi's game is he doesn't pass. A good finisher, not a great passer, not a real verbal kid. LeBron is verbal. Lonzo is a passer, Paul George more verbal. This is, to me-- this is-- I thought LeBron to the Lakers would be the greatest day. This is unbelievable news.