Colin Cowherd has no problem with sports dynasties

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Colin Cowherd explains why he has no problem with sports dynasties and how they don't last forever.

- So tonight, Golden State probably wraps up the NBA season, and they beat Cleveland. And I know, I know what some of you are going to be saying. Man, it's boring. It's boring. Same team, boring.

Folks, parity's never been a thing in the NBA. It's never been a thing. From 1999 to 2014, here's who represented the Western Conference in the finals-- Spurs, Lakers, Lakers, Lakers, Spurs, Lakers, Spurs, Mavericks, Spurs, Lakers, Lakers, Lakers, Mavericks, Thunder, Spurs, Spurs. You know what's followed that? Warriors, Warriors, Warriors. What are you getting all worked up about?

For the record, in horseracing, Bob Baffert has a horse this weekend going for a Triple Crown. When's the last time that happened? Bob Baffert had a horse in another weekend going for a Triple Crown. Roger Federer, Serena Williams, dominance, 15 years. Real Madrid, won three straight European Championships. Roger Penske's team just won their seventh Indy 500-- excuse me, 17th. Sports parity's a myth. Parity in life's a myth. Always been a rich, always been a poor, and the rich are gaining.

We're all freaking out about this. For the record, here's every AFC starting Super Bowl quarterback since 2001-- Brady, Rich Gannon, Brady, Brady, Big Ben, Peyton, Brady, Big Ben, Peyton, Big Ben, Brady, Flacco, Peyton, Brady, Peyton, Brady, Brady. 15 to 17 years, Ben, Brady, Peyton.

College football, this will be Alabama's best team ever. They're going to win it again. Six titles, 10 years. High school, go to any city of note in America. There is a dominant high school basketball powerhouse and a dominant high school football powerhouse. I live in Southern California. It's the same four really good high school football teams every year. In Northern California, it's the same two. In Nevada, Bishop Gorman, it's the same one. Duke and Kentucky, Duke just landed the top three high school basketball recruits.

Well, what are you talking about, parity? There's no parity in sports. It's a myth. There's no parity in life. And there's a reason for it. Dominance is unavoidable, because so few people are great at anything. In SEC football, it's Nick Saban and a bunch of gym teachers.

I have no problem with how Golden State formed this dynasty. Klay Thompson was an 11th pick, Steph was a seventh pick, Draymond was second round. They won a title without Kevin Durant. The cake was formed, he's just the icing. By the way, Oklahoma City, just like a lot of businesses in America, could have been the next dynasty, but they screwed it up. They had James Harden, they had Kevin Durant, they had Westbrook, all young kids. They chose the wrong one. They let Harden go and Kevin Durant left. They embraced the wrong guy. That's because Sam Presti is an overrated general manager.

Sam Presti could have all sorts of rings. He made a decision to choose Westbrook and his tunnel vision who couldn't shoot six years ago. Harden was a better shooter five, six years ago and the league was becoming a shooter's league, and they let Harden go. Daryl Morey, smarter than Sam Presti, MIT grad, went and got Harden. He didn't want Westbrook.

I got no problem whatsoever with Kevin Durant going to Golden State. He is the icing. The cake was formed. They won 73 games without him. They won a title without him. And the other reason I have no problem with what I'm seeing right now, we're all freaking out about this. Don't kid yourself. The needle moves and changes all the time in the NBA.

Since 2000, we've had two separate Laker dynasties, a Spurs dynasty, a LeBron mini-dynasty in Miami, and now a Warriors dynasty. That's four dynasties in 18 years. That's four separate dynasties. How can you already be bored and fearful?

I'm not even counting the big three in Boston, and they were really, really good. They just won one title. Got to win at least two and get to four straight finals if you want to be called a dynasty. But in 18 years, we've already had four. The NBA power structure shifts all the time, certainly more than the AFC's doing right now.

And the other thing is, Golden State looked like they were going to lose this year. We're already seeing cracks. We're already seeing fatigue. Curry's getting hurt more. They struggled with apathy, lost by 40 a couple of times in the regular season, 30 in the regular season, 20 multiple times.

Houston went seven, and it looked like, down 3-2, Chris Paul got hurt, they would have lost the series. This thing's not going to last forever. Let me ask a question. Name one NBA dynasty that's ever lasted longer than we thought. Because maintaining great, to me, is just as hard or harder than attaining great.

Chris Bosh was on the show yesterday. He said, after we won the second one and we were headed for the third-- and that's what the Warriors will be doing next year-- he said, it started to emotionally be really, really hard. Yeah, Bosh, yesterday, he said, after we won the second one and we started heading into the third season, that turnaround is quick.

The expectations are, you win or you fail. That's why I predicted Boston's going to win the championship next year. You can see fatigue already setting in. You saw it in the regular season. They got bored. You saw Houston had them in real, real trouble. Houston's going to probably get better. They could add you know who.

Life has no parity. The business community, Silicon Valley, sports, there's no parity. Beverly Hills was the nicest community in Los Angeles 20 years ago. It's still where all the rich people live. There's no parity, it's a myth.