Colin Cowherd explains the talent gap between LeBron James and Kevin Durant

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Colin Cowherd talks about the talent gap between LeBron James and Kevin Durant. Colin believes Kevin Durant's best game is an average game for LeBron. Do you agree?

COLIN COWHERD: Kevin Durant was terrific last night. I think he had his best game. I mean, I have watched every Kevin Durant game. I think it was probably the best playoff game I've ever seen him have, best finals game. Very, very happy for him.

LeBron James said after, listen man, he's one of the best players in the world. His size, his ability to put the ball on the floor. Kevin Durant's a great player. Most of us consider him the second best player in the world.

Now everybody this morning is going, oh my god, Kevin Durant. Oh my god, Kevin. He went 43 13 and seven. And he was terrific. He was terrific.

Lebron's had six games just this playoff season of more than 43 points. 43, 13, and seven. You know what you call that for LeBron? Tuesday.

The fact that people are going bonkers over Kevin Durant shows you the gap in LeBron and Durant. LeBron had 33, 10, and 11 last night. Most of you are tweeting me, LeBron was off last night.

LeBron doesn't have games like the one Steph Curry had last night. I mean, Lebron's quit game-- Dan Gilbert called it his quit game in Boston. Remember that one against the Celtics? The quit game.

He had like 26, 11, and nine. That was Lebron's quit game. He was also the best defensive player on the floor.

The gap is so big. And I'm looking at the line right now for Kevin Durant last night, 43 minutes, 12 rebounds, seven assists and 43 points. That's a great night. That's Tuesday for LeBron.

The NHL does it right. The NHL does not give a Stanley Cup final MVP. That's not what hockey does. Hockey does it right.

Hockey gives what they call a Conn Smyth award. That means from the first playoff game to the last Stanley Cup game, they give the MVP of the playoffs. They consider the playoffs one great testament to their sport. The best teams, the best coaches, the best lines, the best goaltenders, that month and a half, who is the MVP? Hockey calls it the Conn Smyth award.

If you put LeBron and Durant up, LeBron and Durant in this postseason, Lebron's got 150 more points, double the assists, 40 more rebounds, double the steals in one more game. Ain't close. Don't freak out. Durant was terrific.

That's because he is terrific. He is absolutely fantastic. But he's not an alpha. He's not a dog. He swims in and out of greatness.

Sometimes, he disappears in the fourth, and we don't call him on it. And that is a testament to LeBron. If you add up all these playoffs-- and it should be noted, Durant's playing with better players. He should get more shots. He should have elevated efficiency, but he doesn't.

If you look at the field goal percentage with LeBron and Kevin Durant in these playoffs, LeBron's shooting a much higher field goal percentage as well. Knowing that everybody doubles and traps LeBron. You can't with Durant, because Steph and Klay will burn you. So you know, it's not close.

Just put that on the screen again. In the playoffs, with one more game, the numbers are staggeringly in Lebron's favor. Last night, 43, 13, and seven is just Tuesday for LeBron. We're calling it Durant's best game ever. That illustrates the gap between one and two.