Colin Cowherd details how Warriors sweeping Cavs would make LeBron leaving Cleveland a ‘no-brainer’

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In his reaction to the Cleveland Cavaliers falling to Golden State in Game 3 of the 2018 NBA Finals, Colin Cowherd details how the Warriors sweeping the Cavs would make LeBron leaving Cleveland a 'no-brainer.' Where does The King go if he leaves The Land?

- Want know who I was texting last night? Maverick Carter, LeBron's best friend. I had my phone I was like, dude, do you need me to bring the flatbed truck? I got boxes, does LeBron need help moving? I'm very, very excited. Los Angeles has a lot of houses for sale. Where is he going? I can help. I'll change his address for the post office.

This is a great day to be LeBron James, because it's a great day when anybody listening to my show has a chance to join really talented people, create a new company. I came over here. It's a lot of fun. It's a lot of fun chasing when you know you have a chance, eventually, to win.

Cleveland's no longer interesting with LeBron. I said this three months ago and you guys all got mad at me. I said, Ben Simmons in Philadelphia, I'm looking forward to his games more than LeBron, and everybody freaked out. Everybody freaked out. Colin, you're a LeBron guy, you're bailing on LeBron. I'm not bailing on LeBron, I'm bailing on Cleveland and LeBron, and I did three months ago.

First of all, two things about me and you know this. I get bored quickly. It's why I've moved cross-country four times. I want a new city, I want a new challenge, I want a new opportunity, I want a new story. The second thing is I don't believe in settling for life. I don't think you should settle. I think most people underachieve. They don't understand the talent they have, they don't go for it. I'm not leaving anything on the table, baby. And I don't think LeBron should. Don't settle. Do better. Challenge yourself.

Ooh, you can't move west because Golden State is really good. So what? Then you get swept by them in the Finals? That's better? Go play with better players. Play on a team with better scouts, a better bench, a better coach, a better owner. I've said all week I wanted LeBron to get rolled in this series. I wanted him to get swept, I wanted him to get humiliated. Why? Because I didn't want there to be any doubt.

And this morning, there is no silver lining. In fact, in a weird, strange sort of way, it all worked out perfectly. JR Smith is one of his buddies. Can't trust him, he doesn't know the score. Tristan Thompson's one of his buddies-- can't trust him, he's dating a Kardashian. Dan Gilbert, the owner, resents you. The GM didn't listen to you on Kyrie Irving. Kevin Love can't trust his health day-to-day and the Cavs roster? There's no silver lining here. It is overpaid, unmoveable, untradeable contracts for the next two years. Add in a sweep, stir, and we got ourselves a reboot coming up, folks.

Reboots are great. Opportunities are amazing. What is LeBron? 33 years old. You want him to sit in his pickup truck and listen to the Moody Blues in the Allman Brothers. Classic rock. No, man, he wants to join a new band. He wants to go to Silicon Valley and join a new company.

Miami was awesome. It created a villain. You were for him or against him. Going back to Cleveland-- I felt so good. He's coming home. Those stories are always eh-- be honest. There's a reason you left home in the first place. Go ahead and hook up with your high school girlfriend on Facebook. There's a reason you dumped her or she dumped you.

It's time to reboot. This is an amazing thing and there's no silver lining. Every single option out there for LeBron is more interesting. Can you imagine LeBron with Ben Simmons? God, that would be great. Can you imagine LeBron with Chris Paul and James Harden? Are you kidding me? That's more interesting than the Warriors.

How about LeBron James with GM Magic Johnson rebooting the Laker brand, which has always been like the Yankees in baseball, the number one brand, the Cowboys in football, by a mile in it's respective sport. Today's not a bad day to be LeBron, it's an opportunity to be LeBron. Where all the best teams are interested-- Houston, interested. Sixers, two stars, interested. Lakers, interested. The best system, San Antonio, interested. For God's sakes, he's even going to interview in Golden State.

Now it may not be serious, it's a courtesy interview, LeBron is a seeker and a dreamer and maybe he just wants to listen to those guys up in the Bay, but it's fun. You think Cleveland LeBron is fun. Really? You're enjoying this thing? Really?

Kyle Korver, Rodney Hood, Jordan Clarkson, Larry Nance Jr, cross your fingers that Kevin Love is healthy. Ty Lue doesn't call a timeout, JR Smith forgets the score. Really? This fascinates you? I get bored and I don't believe in settling. Today is a great day to be LeBron.