Colin Cowherd unveils his reasons LeBron James is absolutely leaving the Cleveland Cavaliers

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Colin Cowherd believes this could be LeBron James last meaningful game with the Cleveland Cavaliers. Colin also points out the hints LeBron James keeps dropping that he is leaving.

- Tonight is potentially-- it is, for LeBron James, the last meaningful NBA Finals game of his career. Yeah, it is, if he's into the whole loyalty thing. Of course, I do not think he is in to the loyalty thing. But if LeBron's a loyal guy, something needs to be said. And I'm a LeBron fan. He is now going to be 3 and 6 in about a week in the NBA Finals.

And when you compare him to the all-time greats-- we can put the graph up-- Michael Jordan was 6 and 0 in the Finals. Magic was 5 and 4. Kobe was 5 and 2. Duncan was 5 and 1. Kareem was 6 and 4. Steph is 3 and 1. Larry Bird was 3 and 2. LeBron James is 3 and 6. Like, of all the all-time greats-- I didn't even put Bill Russell up there-- of all the all-time greats-- whoo-wee! That one stings. And that number is not getting better if he stays in Cleveland. Congrats on beating the East. 3 and 6 could become 3 and 7. Could become 3 and 8.

So what are you saying, Colin? I'm saying the NBA needs LeBron and the NBA needs interesting. And if he stays in Cleveland, he goes to 3 and 7, where Michael's 6 and 0. Kareem's 6 and 4. Magic's 5 and 4. Duncan, 5 and 1. Kobe, 5 and 2. Steph Curry then, next year, could be 4 and 1. Shaq's 4 and 2.

LeBron-- the best thing that could happen for the NBA-- dead serious here-- is LeBron gets swept and humiliated and goes 3 and 6 in the Finals and switches teams. It is better. By the way, you don't think you'd watch more NBA basketball if LeBron joined the Sixers next year? Or the Lakers next year? Or the Rockets next year? Because right now, it's inevitable. Right now, it's inevitable. There's not a single person, even in Ohio, that thinks Cleveland's going to win the championship. They don't. They're telling you that. They don't really think it. If you forced them to push their pension, their SEP-IRA, their 401(k) to the middle of the table, they wouldn't do it.

I mean, listen, LeBron is setting the table up to leave. He dropped multiple bombs before the series started-- JR Smith, bonehead play, Ty Lue whiffed on not calling a time out-- then he drops that. He's giving you the clues, man. He's about to go 3 and 6 in these Finals. And when compared to the all-time greats, it looks bad. It looks bad. It is a blemish. And there is only one way to change that blemish-- move. And the one thing that guarantees it, if you're the NBA, is Golden State either sweeps him or blows him out and humiliates him in five. And then, hopefully, LeBron gets over the loyalty thing.

You are defined in this league, when you're a legend, by June. LeBron, over the course of the next several days, is going to be 3 and 6 in June. And it's not getting any better. They're not going to add anything to that three. They're just going to add things to that six if he falls for the loyal thing.